Audio-Visual Company, AV2events Raves About Asset Panda’s Reporting Capabilities

AV2events in the UK needed a reliable way to track their valuable AV assets, and they also needed a superior reporting system. That’s where Asset Panda came in and saved the day!

Asset Panda Solutions:

  • Reporting, reporting, reporting!
  • Improved asset and inventory management• Customization
  • Centrally managed assets
  • Cost-effective and financial savings
  • Asset tracking over multiple locations
  • Leased equipment tracking
  • Mobile asset tracking

Customer since: May 2016

AV2events is the expert in delivering efficient and quality AV installations for all types of live and virtual events. The team is focused on developing solid relationships with channel partners around the UK and beyond, providing the knowledge, experience and installation skills needed to assist in the delivery of ‘Right First Time’ preliminary seed installations, end-user installation roll-out projects, reseller strategy events and the associated support packages in each of their relevant territories.

Our company operates on a global scale and assets are often deployed on a daily basis in and our of demo stock. It’s imperative that we know in a split second where our assets are at any time and when they are due back in stock so we can service our clients efficiently and at the same time focus on generating fresh new business.

I’m too embarrassed to say how we were tracking our assets before discovering Asset Panda! There is no telling how much is (still) out there floating around the globe that we have no idea about!

However now, thanks to Asset Panda, everything is both streamlined and accountable. The reporting function has been the most valuable feature for us as a company hands down. Our clients also appreciate the reports we send them on a monthly basis that are generated through Asset Panda as they can see their own business activity through the lens of AV2events. Asset Panda is how we run things around here now and it’s woven tightly into the fabric of AV2events.

We use a combination of both the desktop and mobile applications. Our staff mainly uses the mobile app as it automates most daily functions now. The desktop version gives me advanced control for some of the “nitty gritty” items or if we need to tweak some of the usability functions.

Asset Panda has given us a better view of what we have and where it is. We are now more aware of our stock and aren’t double-buying, which is saving us a considerable amount of money. We save about an hour and a half of time each day that is now better used towards our clients and their needs. And when it comes to customer service, it’s always been exceptional and the Asset Panda team never fails to be on hand when we need that little nudge in the right direction to optimize things even further. Just a “Super Team of Pandas!”

– Lee Wilson, Owner

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