How Avalara Uses Asset Panda to Track IT Equipment

With a motto of “making tax compliance less taxing,” Avalara is cloud-based software company which helps its users better comprehend, manage, and automate their taxes and tax compliance. Based in Seattle, Washington, Avalara uses Asset Panda to manage hardware and software assets.

Before Asset Panda, we weren't truly tracking assets, which, as you can imagine, created a bunch of disorganization. Then when we implemented AP it wasn't used well and kept up to date until recently. Now, it’s so much better! We use both the mobile and web versions of Asset Panda to keep track of all of our hardware assets across multiple countries and are slowly working on keeping track of our software assets, as well. On average, we save anywhere from 2-3 hours per day per administrator/major user of the software.

Asset Panda is a great place to store information related to our IT and computer equipment. The software helps us track our financials and get a better grasp on our IT budget. We also have a good idea of which employees have what equipment as well as when they can upgrade to a new machine. In fact, it’s now much easier for us to find out who is eligible for an upgrade, and we can show users fairly accurately how long they've had the machine.

The check-out/returning and reporting features have also been useful to us, as well as data pulls. We also use the bulk update feature -- technically the Import feature -- as well. Asset Panda has very good customer service;  there's always someone who answers that can help and is receptive to feedback. We’re very happy they implemented our suggestion of adding the ability to generate a CSV from the change log.

We’d highly recommend Asset Panda for anyone looking to better organize their IT assets!

- Cole Thompson, Systems Administrator, and Jessica Lee, Service Desk Intern

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