GMI Construction's Experience with Asset Panda Is "Excellent"

Founded in 1986, GMI Construction is a privately-owned company in the United Kingdom which provides building and construction services to a variety of industries including hospitality, automotive, and retail. GMI says it’s “based on traditional family values,” and as such prides itself on taking a hands-on approach to its building projects while also meeting quality, energy efficiency, specifications, and deadline goals.

Asset Panda Solutions:

  • Time savings
  • Real-time access to information
  • Accessible mobile app
  • Reduced errors in ordering
  • Improved asset management
  • Tracking licenses and resources
  • Barcode scanning
  • Search feature

Hours saved since implementation: about an hour a day

Customer since: February 2017

Since its inception, GMI Construction has grown into a reliable, award-winning company which pulls in about £80 million per year and boasts approximately 90 employees. We often partner with repeat clients (around 80% of the time) and have worked on building projects for industrial parks, shopping centers, and even football stadiums.

Despite our success, our asset tracking system was lacking, so we needed a better solution to improve our company and service to our clients. Our old asset tracking system was simply an Excel spreadsheet, which provided us with a few different problems. For example, it was difficult to keep this sheet up-to-date and nearly impossible to update it or access it at all on the fly while out on a job site. We also found it hard to keep track of assets across our multiple office locations and project sites.

We implemented Asset Panda about six months ago, and our experience with the software has been excellent. It has helped us increase tracking of our IT resources, assist our accounts department with up-to-date asset logs for the business, reduce errors in re-ordering equipment, and overall more efficiently track licenses and resources. We like how well it works with scanning barcodes, and the intuitive search feature -- it never fails to locate an item even if we aren’t aware of all of that item’s details!

We’ve saved at least an hour a day since switching to Asset Panda; both the mobile app and desktop versions are easy-to-use, and the app is highly accessible when on job sites. The customer support is 10/10, despite a slight delay due to the time difference (no one can help that)! We’d definitely recommend Asset Panda to other construction companies needing to update their asset management program.

– Thomas West, Group ICT Manager

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