Denver Seminary Simplifies Inventory Audit with Asset Panda

Denver Seminary is a graduate-level school of theology offering a variety of advanced degree programs and specialized concentrations. 

Asset Panda Solutions:

  • Inventory auditing
  • Tracking assets over multiple locations
  • Easy to use
  • Employee time savings
  • Customizable features
  • Improved reporting and accuracy
  • Mobile capabilities

Time saved since implementation: approximately 1 hour a day

Customer since: April 2017

Denver Seminary maintains campuses in Denver (main campus), Washington, D.C. and West Texas, with a current combined enrollment of almost 900 students representing more than 50 denominations. Approximately 5,300 alumni represent the seminary globally. We have a combined staff of 200 employees.

In Denver Seminary’s IT department, we track all physical assets, vendor contracts and software installs. Coming soon in Facilities and Housing, we’ll track all physical office, building and apartment assets. Our school campus has three buildings with four student apartments. We do have two partner sites in different states and we track a small number of assets there.

We were using an Excel workbook. The problems we experienced included our multiple technicians not being able to edit assets at the same time, no reporting and no mobile app.

We started using Asset Panda’s desktop and mobile apps about seven months ago. We’re doing a full physical inventory audit, and Asset Panda is making the process way easy. We love it!

I like being able to view and edit assets on the go with Asset Panda’s mobile app. It’s a real time-saver. Custom groups and fields have been really useful, and being able to create custom actions is another great time-saver.

With Asset Panda, the technicians are more apt to update assets since the process is so easy. Our inventory is more accurate which greatly helps IT and makes our Accounting and Finance department happy, too. Customer service is excellent. I suggested a feature and quickly learned they will include that in a future release.

– Jason Adams, Director of IT 

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