Asset Panda Helps San Francisco Nonprofit Manage its Assets and Clients

Established in 1963, Friendship House Association of American Indians Inc., of San Francisco was founded to help American Indians heal from substance abuse by breaking the inherited cycles of psychological, social and economic dislocation. Friendship House uses American Indian culture to heal addiction and strengthen community among both adults and children.

Asset Panda Solutions:

  • Employee time savings
  • Increased productivity
  • Enhanced reporting capabilities
  • Centralized data
  • Decreased errors
  • Improved asset tracking and management

Customer since: August 2017

Friendship House Association of American Indians Inc., of San Francisco is the oldest social service organization in the United States run by and for American Indians. During the last 50 years, this 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization has helped more than 4,800 residential clients overcome substance abuse, empowered hundreds of youth and provided community events for countless individuals and families.

Friendship House clients benefit from a combination of 12-step programs, Western psychology and Native American traditions. Clients are encouraged to stay up to a year, during which they are provided life and job skills. We maintain 34 employees at our location.

Programs are built upon American Indian recovery and knowledge systems that reinforce the cultural identity of clients, an approach which has been shown to increase recovery rates. Friendship House’s relapse rate is half that of the average treatment center.

Our San Francisco youth center aims to prevent substance abuse before it starts. The center provides American Indian youth ages 8-24 with a broad range of activities and services that help instill cultural pride, academic success and resilience in the presence of violence and substance abuse at home.

Over the last month, Friendship House has been using both the mobile and web versions of the Asset Panda app to track our fixed assets as well as our clients’ movement between our center and offsite therapy sessions. Asset Panda helps manage our sign in/sign out procedures. Previously, we were using pen and paper to perform both of these functions.

Initially, we had some challenges with our transition – initial setup was a little bumpy -- but after I contacted customer support, they took care of it right away and resolved those issues. We’re currently still in the pilot phases, and we haven’t had any more challenges since then.

Although it’s been just four weeks, the software has changed the way we work, and it has helped our bottom line. We’re seeing increased productivity, decreased errors, and easier and greater access to the information we need for reporting purposes. It’s a neat, clean way to track our data.

– Victoria Blacksmith, Executive Director

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