Asset Panda Gives Highway Patrol Officers Fast, Easy Way to Track Their Vital Assets

North Dakota Highway Patrol was established in 1935 and employs a staff of 200 among three divisions.

Asset Panda Solutions:

  • Time savings
  • Improved asset management
  • Accurate and timely reporting
  • Centrally managed assets
  • IT asset tracking and management
  • Asset tracking over multiple locations

Time saved since implementation: approximately 8 minutes a day

Customer since: November 2017

Law enforcement organizations rely on a great variety of fixed assets, from vehicles and firearms to laptops, tablets, mobile phones, police gear, electronics, handheld radios, GPS systems, high-risk assets and specialized equipment. The right asset tracking platform can keep grant-funded assets safe and secure and make asset audits simple to conduct. It can also help officers locate items, determine their condition, request maintenance, and more. Asset tracking allows law enforcement agencies to centralize all of their asset data in one location. All officers have access to the data, which increases accountability across the organization and closes the communication loop.

The mission of the North Dakota Highway Patrol (NDHP) is to make a difference every day by providing high-quality law enforcement services to keep North Dakota safe and secure. Organized in 1935, the North Dakota Highway Patrol has grown steadily over the years and now includes an extensive fleet of patrol cars, nine canine units, and a Cessna T 206 Airplane. Its first female trooper was hired in 1979. NDHP received its eighth accreditation award in 2012.

NDHP's assets are located across multiple locations in different cities. We relied on a different tracking program before Asset Panda. The system was very stagnant, though, and didn't keep up with our changing business. The automated reporting and filtering features have been especially useful to us. With Asset Panda, the NDHP has been able to streamline sharing of reports with the automated reporting feature. The filters allow us to find our assets more quickly and without resorting to Excel spreadsheets to manage them.

We've been using Asset Panda's mobile and desktop apps for six months now. Both the experience and the support have been great. Our questions have been answered the same day in a very timely manner, and we're spending less time tracking our assets. I would recommend Asset Panda to other law enforcement organizations.

– Carrie Oswald, IT Manager

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