Mobile Shopping App Ibotta Saves Two Hours Per Week with Asset Panda

Ibotta is a free app which pays its users cash or provides rebates for purchases they make every day. The mobile app company uses Asset Panda to track its internal IT assets which are vital for running the organization.

Our product here at Ibotta is a mobile shopping application. However, behind the scenes, the IT department manages hundreds of assets of different types to support various teams of various needs. Asset Panda helps us track our the computers that every employee receives, the iPads we loan out to our Client Partnerships team members for conferences and shows, etc. We can track assets through their entire lifecycle: from receipt, through repairs, to the end of an asset's life cycle.

I'm the full administrator of Asset Panda for Ibotta. I worked with the setup team about a year ago, and since then have been the one managing all of our assets, including employees, documents, actions, groups, etc.. The platform has saved me at least two hours per week.

But before we switched over, we were using an Excel spreadsheet, which had some obvious problems. We were pretty stuck on managing the different statuses for our assets (available, reserved, in use, in for repair, etc.), as well as reporting on our assets. This was incredibly difficult considering we have most of our assets in a central location, but there are about 50 that are in different cities in the United States.

Now, we've become MUCH more efficient in tracking and managing our assets. It's helped us figure out where all of our assets are at all times so that we can make sure none are lost, saving both money and time, but the big time save (and money save) is for the IT department. Asset Panda makes it so easy! We use both the web application, for easy viewing and management on a large scale, and mobile application so that we can easily scan barcodes and work with individual assets. We love the group actions feature, and how each can be customized to do exactly what works best for our company. We also like the new dashboards feature a lot for seeing on a large scale what's going on with all of our assets.

I’d highly recommend Asset Panda. We're big fans!

- Liz Masoudi, IT Specialist

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