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Absolute Testing Services provides complete power systems testing and commissioning services for facilities, solving some of the most critical and demanding electrical power testing challenges for hospitals and healthcare providers, data centers, manufacturers, and industrial and commercial businesses.

The majority of our assets are mobile, so we needed a solution to keep up with the calibration and certification of our test equipment out in the field. With so many pieces of equipment in use at all times at any number of locations, we also needed a way to keep track of which technician has which piece of equipment at any given time. Asset Panda has proven itself to be the best fit for our specific needs.

Before Asset Panda, we were using an Excel spreadsheet and a file cabinet to store important certification documents about our assets. Unfortunately, a lot of things slipped through the cracks and we had equipment go for months without any attention or regularly scheduled maintenance. Now that is no longer an issue. We have made great use of the notification system in Asset Panda which allows us to see upcoming maintenance that is due for each asset. We are able to keep all of our equipment in proper working order and ready for our technicians while keeping track of when an asset has gone in for maintenance. Having this feature has minimized the error rate of our previous method and given us the ability to better track the maintenance and usage status of our equipment.

Asset Panda really has tons of useful features! Because our technicians work in such a mobile environment, it is an added bonus for us to know which of our employees have a certain piece of equipment. There’s no more guessing who has what, where it is or when it’s coming back. We have instant access to this important data, which holds our technicians accountable for the assets they are using and their condition upon check-in/check-out.

On a scale of 1-10, I would most definitely give Asset Panda a 10. I would recommend this platform to a fellow colleague who is looking to track and maintain their vital assets, especially with a mobile working environment.

- Tim Woodward, Field Service Technician

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