Mobile Asset Tracking Makes Its Mark With the Canadian Bankers Association

Separate handheld scanners were not syncing with the Canadian Bankers Association’s needs. Asset Panda’s mobile asset tracking capabilities and built-in scanner were the right solution.

Asset Panda Solutions:

  • Inventory management
  • Mobile asset tracking
  • Asset tracking over multiple locations
  • Customized notifications and alerts
  • Built-in barcode scanning

Customer since: December 2017

The Canadian Bankers Association (CBA) is one of Canada’s oldest associations. Founded in Montreal on December 17, 1891, the CBA has a long history of participating in the formation of public policy that contributes to a sound, thriving banking system. Today, the CBA is the voice of more than 60 domestic and foreign banks operating in Canada and their 280,000 employees, and continues to provide governments and others with a centralized contact to all banks on matters relating to banking in Canada.

Asset Panda has been instrumental to us regarding inventory management. We are continually tracking assets such as laptops, cell phones, printers, and software, which are located among three different sites. These assets, in particular, can move from location to location at any given time depending on where the business needs to focus its resources. Having a reliable and accurate way to view the inventory we currently have is a top need for us.

Before we started using Asset Panda, we used an asset tracking software called Redbeam. This software required us to use a separate handheld scanner to scan and enter our assets into the database. We encountered numerous issues with this program – but most frequently had troubles syncing the data from the separate scanner into the software.

One of the benefits of Asset Panda is that the  is built-in to Asset Panda and its apps. That one feature eliminates the need for the separate handheld scanner, and we can instantly scan assets and upload data about each asset in our inventory right from our smartphones and tablets into Asset Panda. This one-step scanning ability gives allocated users instant access to up-to-date data anytime they might need it. Any user that has been added to the Asset Panda platform can update his/her information right from their mobile device. In the instance that they lose their device, they can download the app to their new device and are automatically good to go. This is a considerable benefit over having to keep buying and maintaining expensive handheld scanners.

While we use both the desktop and mobile apps, the  capabilities have made the overall process of tracking assets more convenient and efficient. It’s nice to be able to see and update information when you are on the go. Because our assets are continually moving, we can access data in one central location no matter where we are and it’s always current.

Now, thanks to Asset Panda, we have more detail of the inventory we have. We also can set up specific alerts and reminders for warranty deadlines/updates and support contracts. Asset Panda can be customized to work how we need it, and we can select the features that are beneficial for our company specifically.

Understanding and utilizing Asset Panda’s interface and features has been very easy, and our whole team is able to interact and use the platform with very little difficulty. We are saving time – about one hour a day – that was typically wasted searching for assets in the system, and best of all, we now have a firm grasp on our inventory 24/7 and have become much more accountable for what we have, where it is and how we use it.

– Lucas Lima, Help Desk Analyst

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