Public Safety Technology Provider Uses Asset Panda to Track Products

Turn-Key Mobile is a Jefferson City,  Missouri-based company which provides technology solutions such as video surveillance cameras and rugged laptops and tablets to state and local governments, public safety organizations, and institutions of higher education. Turn-Key Mobile predominantly operates in the Midwest, covering the states of Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Mississippi.

We are a value-added reseller of many products to public safety and state and local government. Our customers are always asking for demo equipment and it's been very difficult to manage in past years. Before implementing Asset Panda, we weren’t using anything to keep track of our products and equipment, which move across the Midwest frequently. We’d attempted Excel spreadsheets and hard copies of paperwork and nothing worked for our sales team, so it was obviously time to make a change.

We switched to Asset Panda about a year ago to try to improve our asset management strategy and it has been nothing but a positive experience. We had our Asset Panda software customized so we can track our customer's assets as well as our internal demo units. We love the check-in/check-out features available for our internal assets, and the mobile app has become one of the software’s most-used features at Turn-Key Mobile. Our team now knows they can go to one person for inventory tracking and she will keep track of it in Asset Panda. Our sales and technical guys are still adjusting but they are getting into the swing of it.

In general, Asset Panda is really user-friendly. And as noted above, it’s very customizable. Your sales and support teams have been so great to work with. It’s been awesome! On a 10 out of 10 scale, the likelihood of me recommending Asset Panda to a friend or colleague is definitely a 10.

- Lindsay Hoffmann, Operations Manager

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