Real-Time Data and
Asset Control for
Continental Floral Greens

Continental Floral Greens, a Floral greens supplier, uses Asset Panda for inventory of software licensing terms and control of their data across the country.

When I joined on with Continental Floral Greens, I approached the accounting team to get an inventory of what the company’s assets were, where they were, what our software licensing terms were, etc. Items that I assumed were known and could be provided to me so that I could get a handle on what we had to work with. I was met with nothing but blank stares. There was literally no asset management system in place at all. With the responsibility for 4 branches across the United States and over 60 years of company history to answer for, I needed a solution … and fast.

I began my search for a fixed asset tracking system that could quickly and more importantly, easily, give us real-time data and control on all of our assets across the country. And that’s when I found Asset Panda. Fifteen minutes into watching the Asset Panda demo and their IT Asset Tracking system and what it had to offer, I was SOLD.

One of the biggest draws is that there is no server. It is all cloud based, meaning that there is no management needed. It’s incredibly easy to understand, quick to set up a reliable asset management system using best practices, and it’s configurable for our company’s needs. An asset database is only useful if it stays current and having the ability to track, look up and make changes to assets in a matter of minutes while in the field or at the home office allows us to keep our database up-to-date.

After implementing Asset Panda’s asset management system, we went from knowing absolutely nothing about where our assets were to providing reliable data to anyone in the company who needed it. I started out tracking our assets with the basic variables – what’s valuable, what’s not, the make, model, serial number, and date of acquisition of each item. Within approximately 2-1/2 months, 95% of our technology assets were uploaded. I could generate reports on our assets and email them to any of our branches across the country.

Every month I can set up a scheduled report for each location showing the depreciation of our assets, a listing of what we have, and even write off assets that are no longer useful. I can audit our locations remotely, saving the company time and money from unnecessary travel. I can delegate responsibility to a team member in each location for entering the data and keeping track of our assets thanks to the cloud-based technology and can see where everything is at any given moment.

Bottom line, Asset Panda is an easy system to adopt. The price is ideal. It will grow with you as your company grows. It tracks assets and their depreciation -- and it does it very well.

Christopher Smith, Director of IT

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