Tony Hartl, Personal User

“I did not have a system in place for tracking and handling my assets, which made it difficult and time-consuming to find information on specific assets. This was a particular concern when it came to making sure valuable items were properly insured. One of my colleagues works with Asset Panda and recommended the software to me.

Cataloging my assets didn't take much long at all. We just used my phone to take pictures, and then uploaded them to Asset Panda. From there, we could go in and enter the information on the item in the picture. One really nice feature was that we could take pictures of an area and tag the individual assets in the photo. We could also attach documents to the catalogued assets, which was particularly useful for receipts. After getting everything listed, I generated a report of my assets and sent it off to my insurance agent to make sure that special items like art and jewelry were properly included in my insurance policy.

The whole process was simple and went much quicker than I expected. Asset Panda is definitely a go-to resource for anyone who is faced with the challenge of putting together an accurate listing of their valuables."

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