Through Simple Interface, Asset Panda Delivers Unprecedented Efficiencies to Dallas Healthcare Provider, Catapult Health

Healthcare company Catapult Health is a national provider of workplace preventive checkups.  

Asset Panda Solutions:

  • Improved inventory management
  • Role-based settings
  • Asset tracking over multiple locations
  • Unlimited actions
  • Facilities management
  • Time savings
  • Check in/Check out status

Customer since: December 2017

A healthcare company based in Dallas, Texas, Catapult Health employs a staff of 500. On a typical day, our staff conducts more than 1,000 checkups throughout the country. Each private consultation with a Catapult Health Nurse Practitioner includes lab-accurate diagnostic blood work, full medical history, and a tailored personal health report. A personal action plan is created on the spot and clinical results are transmitted securely in real time to each participant's smartphone, patient portal and primary care provider.

Our fixed assets include medical equipment and tech equipment. Our corporate assets are in one location, but our field assets move across the country to different team members every day. We were using Salesforce to track our assets before we discovered Asset Panda. Salesforce wasn't easily configurable to our highly transactional process, and it didn't provide an easy user experience.

Since we started using Asset Panda one year ago, several features of the app have been especially helpful for our business, including the ability to monitor check-in/check-out status, the ability to create work orders and schedule maintenance, create an electronic signature, role-based settings, unlimited custom fields, unlimited actions, customized notifications, inventory management, leased equipment tracking and facilities management.

The user experience with Asset Panda has allowed the team to get comfortable and acclimate very quickly. As our business needs change or as we run into an exception scenario, we've been able to adjust configurations to handle everything. It has been extremely simple to understand the app's interface and features offered. I would say within an hour of using the interface and features, you should feel really comfortable with the app. We're saving about three hours a day by using Asset Panda for our asset tracking efforts.

We haven't used the mobile app a significant amount yet; we mostly use the web app for our asset tracking needs. Asset Panda has made it very easy for us to get a snapshot of what's out in the field, what is in transit back to our home base, what is in transit to another event, and what we are servicing/PMing.

Our experience with Asset Panda's customer support has been awesome from the start. All questions are answered very quickly. The team also takes time to fully understand your business and offers any suggestions they may have shared with similar users.

– Rodney Hester, Catapult Health

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