Best Practices
Learn how to get the most
out of Asset Panda

Asset tracking expert Erica Keener will be joined by our Sales Manager Alex Schleimer and our Onboarding Team Lead Tessa Stone to explain how to get the full value out of your Asset Panda account.

After this half-hour, you'll:

  • Know the secrets of being an Asset Panda pro
  • Understand the benefits of a fully optimized account
  • Know why expanding your user base is a good thing
  • Master the art of preserving your data in 2020

Erica Keener
Software Training Specialist, Asset Panda

Erica is a seasoned Panda and has become a subject matter expert on our software configuration process. Her background includes corporate training, curriculum development, and adult learning. She enjoys public speaking and is currently earning her MBA.

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