Boss Panda of the Month: Mohana, Business Analyst

By August 21, 2018About Us


Business Analyst

As part of the Product Team, I enjoy coming up with new and creative ideas to help the business run more efficiently. My favorite part of the development process is when I can inform the end user that the new feature is ready for them to use. It is exciting for me to see end users excited about a new feature.

Here at AP, I love that we are not just colleagues but more like a family, where everyone looks out for each other and helps when needed. We not only work together but also have LOADS of fun together. I enjoy coming to work.

I love sitting next to my team and being able to share a laugh from our desks. I enjoy stopping by Cody’s desk and doodling on his whiteboard. And going to lunch together on Fridays.

I am super honored to be Boss Panda! I truly appreciate the recognition and am so motivated and energized to continue to grow with the Asset Panda family.


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