3 Problems Your Construction Company Will Have Without Tracking Equipment Software

3 Problems Your Construction Company Will Have Without Tracking Equipment Software

Construction firms have a large amount of equipment to worry about. From specialized fleet vehicles to handheld tools, working in the construction industry requires numerous assets. Using tracking equipment software can help your construction firm make the most of the tools you have on hand.

Here are a few problems you can expect if you don’t use a software program to track your construction assets.

Tracking Tools by Hand Is Incredibly Prone to Error

Using a manual system is a sure way to riddle your tracking system with errors. Inventory records are only accessible in the physical location where the information is stored, and there’s not a way to check the information stored there. Physical systems also make it difficult to track data in real time. You won’t know the current status of your fleet vehicles or where your tools are located.


“Using a manual system is a sure way to riddle your tracking system with errors.”


Using a Manual System Can Cost You Money

Because it’s so easy for information to slip through the cracks of a manual equipment tracking system, you’re much more likely to lose money. It’s difficult to track asset patterns over time with pen and paper, so you won’t be able to identify which assets are helping your business and which ones are slowing you down. When it comes time to purchase more assets, you run the risk of buying equipment your company doesn’t need.

Avoiding Tracking Equipment Software Slows Your Company Down

Computers were created to speed up tasks that take a long time. When you avoid using tracking equipment software to store asset information, you’re lengthening a process that would otherwise only take a couple of hours to implement. Your employees will be busy trying to locate equipment or updating tool records, and instead of helping your clients, you will be investing far too much time in maintaining your construction equipment.

Asset Panda knows how much you rely on your equipment to fulfill client needs. Our customizable tracking platform is easy to change to work with you. Switch away from manual systems so you can locate equipment quickly and track asset performance over time. This will give your employees more hours in the day to work on client projects, and in turn, help your company bring in more profit.

Using a cloud-based database will enable you to track industry regulations for each piece of equipment. You can pull up asset records from any location to make sure the tools your employees are using that day are safe and won’t cause any workplace accidents. You can also track vehicle maintenance and automatically schedule machinery for repairs. Automating your maintenance practice will take the pressure off you to remember when your assets last had a tune-up. Our platform also makes it easy to track check-in and check-out procedures, so each of your team members will have the tools they need for each job.

One of our clients uses Asset Panda to track their construction tools and equipment. Using a manual system, this client lost various tools from job site to job site. This resulted in a large overhead cost from buying replacements. Asset Panda enabled them to track those tools and prevent them from getting lost so regularly.

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