Equipment Manager Software Keeps Banks Humming

The IT help desk at any bank or finance institution has a huge job on its hands. Tracking and managing their equipment has a direct impact on their bottom line. Any disruption to business can have significantly negative consequences for customers. An equipment manager software can help staff stay on top of tracking and maintenance and keep operations running smoothly.


When the help desk at a bank receives a call, it’s usually urgent. Equipment breakdown or missing/stolen equipment requires a fast response. A manual tracking system – for example, an Excel spreadsheet – doesn’t give IT managers the real-time data they need to review an asset’s maintenance history, locate a missing asset or determine where they can find a spare. Nor does it allow the help desk to determine the check-in/check-out status of an item, create a work order or customized report.

The average bank branch is home to a myriad IT equipment. That includes everything from the ATM, service window equipment like digital signs, transport tubes, access card readers, security cameras, alarm systems, check scanners, vehicles, deposit boxes, safes, vaults, office and administrative equipment including desktop and laptop computers, and much more. Any one of these items may be vulnerable to breakdown, theft or loss.


Equipment manager software centralizes all of the data attached to each asset. Help desk staff can access the complete maintenance history of an asset and determine its health. Let’s say that the help desk has just been informed that a piece of equipment isn’t working. Using the software, the help desk can determine how many times that asset has required repair. Is the same issue occurring repeatedly? How expensive have those repairs been? Is an extensive maintenance history on an asset due to a single part that can be replaced, or is it a larger issue? Using equipment manager software, financial institutions can examine any asset’s warranty, insurance policy and lease/purchase information, make an informed decision about potential replacement, and create equipment refresh schedules based on accurate information.

Equipment Management

When it comes to equipment management, routine maintenance is everything. IT assets, in particular, require periodic updates and services. The failure to keep up with that maintenance can lead to equipment breakdown, slow-running machines, and perhaps worst of all, increased risk for a security breach. With all of the equipment your average bank or financial institution has to track and manage, it’s nearly impossible to stay on top of service schedules without the aid of technology. Equipment manager software does just that, enabling IT managers to create custom notifications and alerts. Proper maintenance not only helps banks maintain productivity. It helps them maintain employee morale and customer service standards. Financial institutions who demonstrate good stewardship of their equipment maximize the respective lifespans of their fixed assets.


Like any other kind of institution, banks have to report the value of their equipment and other fixed assets for accounting and compliance purposes. Attempting to do this manually is an exercise in frustration and usually leads to guesswork and error. Equipment manager software allows banks to outsource this function with confidence.


One of the biggest benefits of the software is the enterprise service desk capability. The enterprise service desk reduces its volume of service calls and helps streamline service-related communication.

Collectively, all of these benefits raise the bar on the efficiency, accuracy and accountability of banks and financial institutions. The software is an invaluable tool for centralizing asset data, keeping up with key updates and maintenance, and maximizing the lifespan of equipment.

Asset Panda’s equipment manager software saves financial institutions time, can reduce calls to the help desk, and help these organizations maintain high standards of customer service. Our free app syncs with the cloud, so equipment data is as near as your mobile device and is always in real time.

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