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Health Clinic Fixed Asset Tracking Software


Health clinic fixed asset tracking software is a extremely important tool for keeping track of every piece of equipment, instrument, file, and all the other fixed assets that make a health clinic run efficiently. In order to run a health clinic successfully, it is imperative that every moving part is accounted for as well as tracking the maintenance of equipment and medical instruments. A health clinic fixed asset tracking software must be capable of handling the demand of a fast paced work environment while being easy and simple to use.

Asset Panda will be up and running quickly allowing you to get back to your patients. Training and integration will happen smoothly without interruption to a busy schedule that is a constant part of every health clinic.

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In the healthcare industry, several issues pop up which require a strong approach to asset tracking. To start, the sheer amount of devices, equipment, and random items in a health clinic is staggering. For every physician, technician, and aide, a mountain of tools and devices stand behind them, helping pave the way for proper patient care. Therefore, choosing Asset Panda for health clinic fixed asset tracking can enable your team to save time and money for the organization. Much of the equipment healthcare providers use is mobile and so are the staff that use them. The large complex asset tracking systems that require specially trained people are not a practical business model for the industry. Asset Panda is easy to use and can deploy rapidly. All you need is data to upload into the system and set the permissions for your user base. Conducting audits on assets will become very easy and routine. Health clinic administration will be able to view the asset information very quickly enabling them to make informed decisions.Asset Panda is the perfect mix of cloud-based software and Mobile Apps that helps you track all of the necessary equipment of you health clinic.

With Asset Panda software for health clinic fixed asset tracking you will be able to:

  • Know the exact location of each piece of equipment
  • Know which users have each fixed asset
  • Know the condition of every piece of equipment and instruments
  • Store all information related to an asset in one location

Asset Panda Software for Health Clinic Fixed Asset Management:

  • Tracks, manages, and supports all of your fixed assets and their entire lifecycle
  • Eliminates error prone manual processes
  • Keeps track of fixed assets’ location, condition, and user
  • Allows flexibility and mobility by using the mobile devices you and your team already carry

With Asset Panda every account is a premium account so every feature comes standard. Experience how the amazing Panda can streamline all processes related to your fixed assets such as tracking, managing, and supporting them. Sign up for a free 14-day trial today!