Hospice Of East Texas Improves Accuracy, Saves Time and Money with Asset Panda

Based in Tyler, Texas, Hospice of East Texas is a nonprofit organization providing end-of-life care to patients in 23 Texas counties.

Asset Panda Solutions:
• Simple, user-friendly interface
• Compliance software
• Asset tracking over multiple locations
• Cost-effectiveness
• Customized reporting

Customer since: July 2017


The mission of Hospice of East Texas is to enhance the quality of life for individuals and families dealing with life-limiting illnesses and assist bereaved family members by providing compassionate, comprehensive, coordinated care and support. We were established in 1982 with just 20 patients, and today we have a staff of 250 employees who serve more than 2,000 patients and families each year across 23 East Texas counties. Hospice of East Texas is nationally recognized as one of the Top 100 hospices in patient and family satisfaction based on DEYTA Analytics’ Family Evaluation of Hospice Care.

Our assets consist of a variety of medical equipment. Those assets move continually throughout our service area as our patients change. Before Asset Panda, we used Excel spreadsheets and software called MAS200 FAS. We’ve been using Asset Panda for a year now and have found it simple, easy to use and more accurate than our previous software.

Asset Panda has made our asset tracking efforts easier. The features of the app that have been especially useful and convenient for us include customized reporting, the ability to track our assets over multiple locations, compliance software and cost-effectiveness. Asset Panda is super easy to use. Our auditors have been pleased with the accurate reporting. The app has saved us time — about 30 minutes a day — and the software is easy to learn. The price is right, too; the cost for Asset Panda is less than what we were previously paying. Saving money is always useful for nonprofits!

We use the depreciation schedule for our assets. The reports are easy to create and use, and they’re great for our auditors. In the last year, we’ve used customer support only once. The response was fast and accurate, and they kept me informed every step of the way until resolution.

On a scale of 1 to 10, ten being most likely, the likelihood that I’d recommend Asset Panda to a friend or colleague is 10.

– Debbi Raney, Accountant III


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