Manage Your Online Business with an Inventory Software Asset Database

By January 28, 2019Asset Tracking, Blog

Manage Your Online Business with an Inventory Software Asset DatabaseToday’s technology makes it easy for location-independent companies to succeed. But running your business without having a way to track what happens online is not the best way for you to grow and become the best business you can be.

Just like a company that works from an office, you need systems in place to track your online assets. Not being tied to a specific location means that a lot of your goods could be considered a part of your inventory software asset database. 

How Location-Independent Companies Operate

One of the most important things for any business to use is a communication platform. Since your team members work from all over the world, the platforms you choose can make or break your business. You don’t have the pleasure of working in the same location, you won’t be able to walk over to someone’s desk and ask them what they meant in their email.

You’ll also need a server to store all your company data. There are many cloud-based services out there that make this easy. Whatever you choose, make sure your data is protected from those who don’t have permission to access it.

Most employees who work for location-independent companies must take on several roles to keep things running smoothly. You probably don’t have departments, or if you do, there aren’t more than two people within them.

Location independent companies also have several projects going at once. They have to track client needs, as well as a host of information about the audience that the project is targeted towards. Whoever is working on that project needs to know about ongoing campaigns, deadlines, marketing materials, associated content, and required deliverables.

What to Track in Your Inventory Software Asset Database

You might think it’s impossible to track everything you do in your inventory software asset database. That depends on how you go about tracking it. If you had to manually enter everything yourself, then there’s no way this could happen.

With all the automation available in technology today, there’s no reason for you to do all of this yourself. Besides, you have a dozen other things you need to get done today and can’t afford to spend the time necessary to take on such a large task.

The right asset tracking system makes it easy for you can automate data tracking and keep an eye on every department. You can’t afford for anything to fall through the cracks, because then it will get forgotten. Since your business structure differs from a more typical one, this can have major repercussions for your organization that you might not be able to manage.

Inc. 5000 named Asset Panda #9 in the category of software companies who are growing quickly. Our 3551.8% growth came from making a platform that works for any organization. You can customize our cloud-based platform to track everything related to how you do business. It isn’t limited to tangible assets that require storage space and shipping and handling.

Asset Panda offers more than 20 integrations to make it easier for you to track what’s going on with your business. When all the software you rely on to conduct business is integrated, you don’t have to switch between platforms to track down a specific piece of information. You can also work to make sure that nothing slips through the cracks and create a holistic image of what goes on in your company each month.

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