Skip the Inventory Software Package and Get a Program That Does It All

Skip the Inventory Software Package and Get a Program That Does It AllTracking inventory is a complicated process, and you might think you need to rely on an entire inventory software package to meet your management needs. However, we’ve designed Asset Panda so you only need to use one software to get everything done.

Here is how you can get the same value from our single software program that you might get from a software bundle.

Rely on Mobile Technology to Keep Your Inventory Records Updated in Real Time

Your inventory changes quickly, and that means you need to know what is happening now. Many manual systems can be cumbersome because they only give you information on what happened yesterday or even last week. Using a spreadsheet or location-specific software makes it difficult to know exactly what’s going on at any given time. Our program has mobile integration, which means your employees can access your inventory database on the floor as changes happen. Whether you run out of a specific item or a customer changes their request, you’ll be able to keep up with anything the day brings. Many of your employees already own smartphones, so you won’t have to spend any additional money on inventory scanners.


“Your inventory changes quickly, and that means you need to know what is happening now.”


Avoid Losing Information by Using an Inventory Software Package

Using multiple software programs might seem appealing, but they pose a unique problem. Multiple programs create more places you have to search for information. If they aren’t integrated properly, you could lose time looking in separate programs for the data you need. Instead, having all your information in one place makes your workflow more smoothly. With customizable fields, you can store point-of-sale information and include many of the data points your accounting department tracks separately. Having everything in one place also makes it easy for you to see how your company is performing overall and what you can do to improve profit.

Configure Your Transactions With Ease

Getting an inventory software package means more programs you and your team must learn how to use. That barrier to learning could prevent you from using any of the software effectively. Asset Panda allows you to configure your transactions in a way that makes sense to your company. You shouldn’t have to adapt to software; after all, technology is here to make your life easier, not harder. With unlimited custom actions, you can customize our platform in a way that suits your business needs.

Track Assets in Addition to Inventory

You don’t have to use two separate programs or systems to track assets and inventory. Asset Panda is a great way to track both all in one place. Tools and equipment make it possible for you to create, move, and store important inventory items. Without them, your company would be lost and unable to function. Track them along with your inventory, and you’ll reduce the amount you need to spend on asset maintenance each year.

One unique use case comes from one of our clients that uses Asset Panda to track services provided to cancer patients. Using our platform helps this group make sure each patient has their needs taken care of and prevents anyone from being left out.

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