Case Study: NEXClean Gains 4-5 Hours per Week After Ditching Manual Asset Entry

NEXClean is a specialty cleaning company which helps healthcare organizations clean and sanitize their medical equipment with a focus on using environmentally-friendly solutions for the safety and wellbeing of staff and patients.

Industry: deep cleaning services for the healthcare industry

Location: West Chester, Pennsylvania, United States

Asset Panda Solutions:

  • online/cloud-based
  • mobile asset tracking and scanning
  • custom report generation
  • real-time asset tracking
  • multiple users
  • unique logins
  • label scanning

Hours saved since implementation: 4-5 hours per week

Customer since: December 2016


President Dan Nestor Praises Asset Panda for Customized Reports, Ease of Access to Real-Time Information in the Field


NEXClean president Dan Nestor was running into a problem; every time his cleaning technicians would perform a job for one of their medical facility clients, they would have to manually enter in a description of each piece of equipment they’d just cleaned. As expected, this system drained valuable time away from NEXClean employees who would have to factor into their schedules for each job performed the time to physically type in asset data and produce the resulting reports for their customers. NEXClean was also in need of an asset tracking system which was more mobile than their old system, since the company keeps track of thousands of pieces of equipment across multiple healthcare locations every week.

Nestor and his team chose Asset Panda as their new asset tracking and management solution, and was able to see the results they were hoping for, such as:

  • Increase in productivity levels (around 4-5 hours per week, or roughly 25-30% of the time NEXClean used to spend on preparing reports for its customers)
  • Real-time feedback from both technicians in the field and their healthcare customers
  • Customized reports for every different service performed

“The Asset Panda software has saved us 25-30% of the time that used to go into preparing reports for our customers, probably 4-5 hours per week.”
– Dan Nestor, President

The Challenge

Originally founded in 2013, NEXClean provides high-quality, deep cleaning services to organizations in the healthcare industry. Initially starting with just transportation vehicles for children’s hospitals in Pennsylvania, the company quickly expanded not just its footprint (it now services the entire northeast region of the United States), but also its breadth of services. NEXClean disinfects, sanitizes, and cleans medical facilities, their exteriors, and their patient care equipment such as stretchers, wheelchairs, IV poles, overbed tables, and trash cans; the company has also expanded into the food service industry, namely the kitchens and nutrition centers of medical facilities.

Essentially, NEXClean deals with thousands of pieces of medical equipment and assets every week. Dan Nestor, the company’s president, noted that on any given shift, his team would clean 125-170 pieces of equipment. They need to keep track of this cleaned equipment not just to know what was already sanitized, but also to include on reports for the company’s clients when a job was complete. However, Nestor said the previous asset tracking system NEXClean was using was insufficient for the company’s needs, as the program was “very cumbersome when we were inputting information.”

“The old system that we used we would actually have to manually type in a description of the piece,” Nestor explained. “So if we were cleaning an overbed table, our techs would have to type out that entire word. If we were cleaning a stretcher, our techs would have to type that entire word ‘stretcher.’ We actually began using shortcodes, but that became even more difficult and time-consuming when it came to delivering our customer’s reports at the end of the service.”

This process was, of course, taking too much time away from actually servicing NEXClean’s clients. Nestor knew in order to improve his company’s quality of service, efficiency, and overall growth/customer acquisition, he’d need to look for a better asset tracking solution which didn’t require every single piece of equipment to be manually entered by a technician.

The Solution

NEXClean’s asset tracking needs were fairly simple: the new system needed to reduce the time strain on the company’s technicians by making data entry as efficient and intuitive as possible, as well as provide NEXClean customers with real-time information on assets and accurate reports at the end of each cleaning job.

After analyzing several different asset tracking and management programs, NEXClean selected Asset Panda. In addition to its affordability, Nestor said one of the key reasons NEXClean settled on the software was its online dashboard. “On any given week, our company is cleaning thousands of pieces of equipment so we’re tracking many assets in many different locations and the online availability of the Asset Panda software was what was really appealing to us,” he explained.

Asset Panda’s ability to provide customized reports was also a selling point for Nestor. “We are providing reports at the end of every service, tracking thousands of different pieces of equipment and giving our customers the reports of what we cleaned, when we cleaned it, and most importantly where it was cleaned in the facility,” he said. “Those attributes of the software were vital to the selection of our new asset tracking partner.” Nestor added that “the ease of use and the multiple different reports we are able to generate to provide the clearest picture of our service at the end to our customers has been the best attribute.”

NEXClean also worked with Asset Panda to help bring real-time feedback to the cleaning company’s clients, the personnel at hospitals and medical facilities, via AP’s mobile app. “Our customers are able to download the application and scan our labels on a stretcher or on a wheelchair and get real-time feedback as to the last time that piece of equipment was cleaned, who cleaned it, and when it was cleaned,” explained Nestor. “That’s vital information for healthcare personnel at the hospital. As part of our arrangement with Asset Panda, we are able to give our customers unique logins to the application on their smartphones at no additional cost to us or to our customer.”


Nestor’s biggest and most immediate win with Asset Panda was its ability to reduce the time his technicians had to spend typing data into their old system. No longer did his team have to manually enter this information; now, they could simply tag and scan equipment with the mobile barcode scanner which comes with the Asset Panda app.

“When we started to use Asset Panda, we were able to speed that process up in the field which allowed us to increase our actual productivity levels,” Nestor explained. He noted 25-30% of the time his team used to spend on writing reports for their clients is now saved thanks to Asset Panda, which has given his team back roughly 4-5 hours per week on average.

This uptick in productivity also meant NEXClean saw increased accuracy in and availability of the reports the cleaning company was able to provide its customers at the end of each job: “Customized reports for our customers at the end of our service has been a great function of the Asset Panda software and very easy to use online to create whatever report we need to based on the application of our service.”

With Asset Panda, Nestor and his NEXClean technicians are now also able to:

  • Keep track of which assets have already been cleaned on any given service call
  • Update assets in real-time as soon as they’re cleaned
  • Provide NEXClean customers with real-time information on specific equipment and when it was last cleaned
  • Provide overall better and more efficient services to their customers


Nestor and his team at NEXClean believe Asset Panda can help other companies similar to or even very different from their own increase their own productivity, as well as generate better reports and real-time feedback for their customers.

“I would recommend using Asset Panda for the ability to customize the reports as to the specific service you are providing and also the ability to have an unlimited amount of users in your organization to track the assets and to access the reports,” Nestor said.

“I think the ability for our customers to get that real-time feedback is super important,” he added. “I would think that would be something that could be used elsewhere. I think that even if it’s not specific to my company NEXClean, the ability to have a customer download the application and get the real-time feedback of the asset tracking is very important and a great attribute of the software.”

If you’re a service provider like NEXClean and are dealing with your own asset tracking problems, why not take Asset Panda for a spin? Our cloud-based system is accessible from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, and our mobile application means your team can be out on the field and still get an update the asset information they need. You can also use Asset Panda’s software to give your customers accurate reports, as well as unique logins so they can see real-time data on assets. You can also reduce the time you spend manually entering asset data every week; one satisfied Asset Panda customer, for example, has saved hundreds of hours a month since using our system. Try Asset Panda for free with our 14-day trial, or give us a call at 855-898-6058 to get a quote.

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