Beyond Network Discovery: Asset Panda Launches Device Data Agent For Improved IT Management And Audits


As of 9/17/2019, Asset Panda will no longer offer our device data agent; we pride ourselves on actively listening and applying customer feedback to our product updates and are focused on finding new solutions for auto-discovery.

Asset Panda's New Network Asset Discovery Feature

For over five years, Asset Panda has helped businesses worldwide track, organize, and manage their assets with its highly customizable, top-rated asset tracking and management SaaS platform. Now, the Frisco-based company is enabling business owners to take better control of their IT network assets with the launch of its device data agent for Windows.

This new tool from Asset Panda is an easier, more efficient way for customers to conduct audits of their internet-connected, Windows-based PCs (using operating systems XP or above) and installed software. The program, best suited for any business that maintains a sizable base of these computers, collects all the information from the devices and automatically syncs their data daily to the Asset Panda platform.

The tool will sync both hardware and software information hosted on each computer, including, but not limited to:

  • RAM size
  • Processor type/speed
  • Computer username
  • Computer model
  • IP address
  • Operating system
  • Software installs
  • Hardware upgrades

Asset Panda’s device data agent can be installed on all Windows-based machines connected to the internet. Customers can download and install the tool’s small file (under 2MB) to individual computers.

Easy Asset Auto Discovery with Asset Panda

The primary benefit of Asset Panda’s new device data agent for businesses is its time-saving factor. The tool speeds up a customer’s entire computer tracking process. And it eliminates the need for manual tracking, in-person check-ups of computers, and updates previously added by hand to the organization’s primary asset tracking platform. Additionally, because the device data agent does all this work automatically every day, the reliability and accuracy of data are increased as employees will no longer have to be held accountable for manually entering upgrades or changes to the network’s computers.

Finally, the device data agent enables companies to more quickly find which devices host specific pieces of software that were recently updated or may need upgrading.

“We are excited to offer the device data agent; this innovation will continue to help our users work smarter and more efficiently,” said Rex Kurzius, Founder and CEO of Asset Panda. “Our investment in this technology underscores our commitment to constantly improving our platform so it meets the needs of our users now and in the future.”

To learn more about Asset Panda’s device data agent and its asset tracking and management software, give our asset management software a try with a free 14-day trial (no credit card required)! You’ll receive full access to user guides, video tutorials, free mobile apps, and call-in and live chat support from our Asset Panda support team.


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