3 Major Benefits of Using a UPC Barcode Printer for Retail Inventory

Universal product codes (UPC) are one of the easiest ways to track inventory for retailers, wholesalers, and other storefronts. The UPC system is the most common tracking system currently used in the U.S.A., Canada, UK, and many other countries. This system assigns a 12-digit code to each item. These codes are often scanned at the point of sale, and bring up relevant information connected with each item. As such, relying on a UPC barcode printer is a great way to make sure your item labels are displayed properly.

Using UPC Labels Simplifies the Inventory Tracking Process

Because the UPC system is already widely used, there is an abundance of information regarding all of the items in your inventory. Assigning these codes to your items means that a large amount of the data is automatically uploaded into your system. This cuts down on the amount of data entry you and your team will need to do to implement an inventory tracking system.


"Your team shouldn't have to spend dozens of hours each week creating and updating a complicated inventory tracking system."


Having a UPC Barcode Printer Allows You to Print Your Own Labels

When you sell hundreds of items each day, you can't wait for an outside company to ship labels to you. Investing in a UPC barcode printer upfront will save your company a lot of time and money later on. Being able to print labels on demand means that you'll be able to have exactly the amount you need, right when you need them.

Scanning UPC Barcodes Brings Up Inventory Information in Seconds

Barcode technology is a great way to communicate a good amount of information in seconds. All you need to do is scan the code, and you'll know all of the product details attached to that code. When managing your inventory system, this is a great way to cut down on the amount of time it takes to update each entry. This saved time will help your employees tend to other important tasks around the shop.


Your team shouldn't have to spend dozens of hours each week creating and updating a complicated inventory tracking system, especially when much of the retail world already sticks to one well-developed system. Asset Panda's inventory tracking system is a great way to take advantage of the system that's already in place across the world.

Our customizable platform makes it easy for your team to implement UPC barcodes and pull up all of the data attached to each item. You can then make any necessary changes, and add additional information that applies to your specific sale environment. Because the system is in the cloud, you can monitor your inventory as it is changing, instead of knowing that you had an item yesterday, but aren't sure if you have it now.

One of our clients, The Seattle Mariners, was trying to keep track of autographed items in their museums like collectible jerseys and baseballs. Before using Asset Panda, the team had to manually go through its inventory to see what it had on hand. After implementing our system, the team was able to search for specific items and track them down to the specific section of the boxes they were located in. This allowed the Mariners to save a lot of time and get back to serving its customers.

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