6 Benefits of Asset Panda’s Azure Active Directory Integration


Technology has come a long way in just the past few years. Many companies are turning to cloud-based solutions to solve their ever-growing list of needs in order to stay agile in the digital age. While it is common for companies to deploy dozens of applications to help them perform their day-to-day operations, those systems don’t often talk to each other. In minor cases, employees spend about an hour a day switching between siloed apps and losing productivity in the process. In more serious cases, organizations are wasting up to 45% of their operating expenses due to bad data. 

Some may argue that this is the cost of doing business in the 21st century, but companies like Asset Panda are developing robust but easy to deploy integrations for their platforms that aim to bridge the gap created by siloed apps and help their clients synchronize their data with other software solutions they rely on. 

One of Asset Panda’s newest integrations is with Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AD), a cloud-based identity and access management service (IDaaS) which helps employees access and engage with internal and external users and resources more securely. This integration gives users easy access to their assignments and workflows in Asset Panda, while reducing permission friction, and keeping asset data up-to-date and unified across their tech network. 

Let’s explore how this easy to set up integration can benefit companies who have both Azure AD and Asset Panda: 

1. Reduce Manual Work

Manually entering data and all the headache and human error that comes with it is about as pleasant as waiting in line at the DMV. Having to enter the same information more than once in multiple places is not only irritating, it’s time-consuming, especially when you have a lot of users or need to add users frequently into a system. If your employee data is already in Azure AD, syncing that information to Asset Panda eliminates the duplicate work so you can use that extra time to do something productive, or at least more fun, like watching panda videos. 

2. Onboard users faster

Getting users to adopt a new system is a hurdle most companies have to scale regardless of how easy it is to use. Jumpstart your onboarding efforts by syncing your Azure AD users as Asset Panda users and assigning Asset Panda user templates in bulk based on your Azure AD groups. Your users can hit the ground running with the access and permissions they need to perform their tasks in Asset Panda. 

3. Eliminate password fatigue

A single organization may use dozens of platforms that require unique usernames and passwords to get through their day. Strong passwords are a significant piece of the cybersecurity puzzle but it’s difficult for the average person to keep up with the ever-changing credential repositories. Nothing creates a bottleneck in productivity quite like login friction when onboarding or offboarding users. Asset Panda’s Azure AD integration offers Single Sign-on (SSO) which enables employees to use one set of credentials to access Azure AD and Asset Panda whenever they want, wherever they are on whatever device they’re using.

4. Preserve data integrity

Even after the initial sync, keeping your employee information up to date can be difficult if you’re working in more than one system. Like losing a sock in the dryer, data can easily go missing when two systems are not syncing that information each time it is updated. Asset Panda’s integration with Azure AD ensures that data is updated automatically in Asset Panda each time new information is entered in Azure AD so you can trust that your data is  up to date and accurate. 

5. Simplify data management 

Asset Panda’s Azure AD integration is equipped with a simple field mapping configuration tool that enables administrators to sync standard Azure AD fields like “Name”, “Email Address” and “ID Numbers” with Asset Panda’s group fields. Whether your company has 3 employees or 3,000, streamlining your employee record management process with accurate data migration and automation is the key to achieving efficiency at any scale. 

6. Save time and money

For the price of a single additional Azure seat, you can get full access to Asset Panda’s Azure AD integration. That’s $108/year or $9/month billed annually. So for the same price as what the average person spends on their daily coffee in just 2 weeks, you can have a year’s worth of the benefits this integration offers your company. With the time you save on eliminating the manual employee data management efforts, the integration should easily pay for itself. 

Cloud-based platforms may keep more browser tabs open and have employees jumping between tasks throughout their increasingly fragmented workday, but when companies harness the power of integration technology, simplicity paves the road to innovation. 

Want to learn more about Asset Panda’s Azure Active Directory integration? Register for our webinar: Panda Fusion Series: Integrating Asset Panda with Azure Active Directory and Download our Azure AD FAQ doc


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