Simplify Auditing with an Asset Management Mobile Solution

Trying to conduct an audit on your company’s assets can be a headache. However, implementing an asset management mobile solution can make audits easier for everyone.

Instead of scrambling at the last minute to get things sorted, you’ll have the information accumulating over time. When audits arise, all you need to do is assemble a report with the information you already have.

Asset Audits Are Frustrating for Everyone Involved

No one likes hearing their department is being audited. It creates tons of pressure for everyone involved and tends to induce panic for the whole team. Suddenly, everyone is scrambling to get everything in order. Client projects are put on hold so you can prepare for your company’s audit.

Many times, when you’re preparing for an audit last minute, you miss important asset information. It’s hard to know what you’ll need, so you tend to try to prepare everything. This can result in one of two things. The first is you’ve over prepared and all the time you spent trying to collect every bit of data feels wasted. The second is you seemed to have missed something, despite all of your efforts and your company receives disciplinary action.

Employees also don’t know how much of the audit will reflect on their performance and jobs. Some audits can determine whether your team members will still have a job. Others are simply conducted to get a snapshot of the state of your equipment. This uncertainty can cause a lot of stress and fear that impacts every part of your business until the audit is over.

Introducing the Audit Configuration for Asset Management Mobile 

Leaving things to the last minute is stressful for everyone. Instead of leaving audit data collection to right before the audit happens, set up a system so that you can store information as things change in your company.

While setting up this system might seem daunting at first, it’ll save you a lot of work in the long run.

Having an asset management mobile system makes it easier than ever to capture data as you work. Barcode scanners will capture asset data as your employees work, so you don’t have to try to remember it all right when you’re preparing for the audit.

Keeping everything on a mobile system also makes it so that auditors can access your asset data from anywhere in your company. They can compare records with what they see in your office and make sure they match.

Having a mobile system doesn’t have to mean compromising data security. You can require electronic signatures to ensure only those with the right credentials can view your asset information.

GPS locators also mean you can store asset location along with other important details. No more scrounging around to try to figure out where your assets are while your auditor is watching. Having location data means you can convey an air of confidence and show that you have a working asset management system.

Asset Panda’s audit configuration will help you view snapshots of your asset status and can even help you generate reports. Complete assets faster and ensure your data looks polished and presentable.

Mobile compatibility means you can collect all of the data you need to prepare for assets on the device you’re already using. No more having to purchase single-use equipment just to capture asset data!


Bree Brouwer

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