Why Asset Panda Should Be Your Fixed Asset Tracking Software Go-To


Everyone has something to track. Companies of all shapes and sizes across every industry have something they need to keep up with. IT equipment. Office furniture. Company vehicles. Live animals. Medical equipment. You name it, it needs to be tracked. And that’s where Asset Panda excels. When it comes to fixed asset tracking software, there’s nothing more versatile and easy to use than Asset Panda.

In the simplest of terms, the Asset Panda model allows for the people who use fixed assets to keep track of them in one central location via free mobile apps that sync with the cloud. The data recorded is automatically available in real-time to the rest of the organization and accessible 24/7 from anywhere. It’s as easy as that!

The Business of Asset Tracking

The business of asset tracking is a massive market that is still untouched. There are tens of millions of companies that have the need to track assets, who simply don’t know what they need and how to achieve a new level of tracking.

Consider this -- organizations lose millions of dollars each year by not having good information about their fixed assets. Overall, organizations lose 2% of their total assets in loss reduction each year and for mobile assets they average is as high as 10%. The average number of Ghost assets an organization has on its books is 10% of their total fixed assets. There’s no reason a company should be losing money because they can’t find a good way to track their assets. The solution for fixed asset tracking software is out there and readily available now.

Your fixed asset tracking software of choice should give your organization a comprehensive, lifecycle view of your vital assets and equipment. The depth of this information enables users to make better, more informed decisions, eliminates guesswork and costly errors, and ultimately, wasteful spending.

"Organizations lose millions of dollars each year by not having good information about their fixed assets. "

Great Value

With its free mobile apps, Asset Panda is a great value. The tool requires only a smartphone or tablet to use or the web. We don’t have hardware and software licenses to pay for upgrades. No separate barcode scanners are required, which saves our customers repair and replacement costs. And, while traditional asset tracking companies require each user to have a license from a PC (which carries an additional fee), Asset Panda offers unlimited users, plus user field security, user location security and area user-level security within locations.

The Industry Takes Notice

Asset Panda has proven that there is NO LIMIT to how our users can use the platform, and they can be as creative and innovative as they wish. And that’s not gone unnoticed by the industry.

PC Mag named Asset Panda to its list of “The Best Asset Management Software of 2018.” They state thatAsset Panda is excellent asset management software for any business seeking to manage fixed assets affordably in the cloud. Asset Panda is an excellent pick for companies with a tight budget who need the ability to customize tracking of physical assets. The focus on customer support shines through in every interaction with their staff.” You can read the full review here.

Users Weigh In

The software is receiving rave reviews from its users as well. Comments such as these help our team decide how to make the software work even more cohesively with the user or what tweaks or upgrades can be made so that it is the program that works with you and changes as your business needs change:

“I thought the ease in getting our assets into the software, the reporting, tracking assets, adding and editing assets were all pros to this software.”

“Its malleability and control were the key factors in our decision. We had had a software previously which was VERY limited! As far as you want to take Asset Panda (thus far) you can. Boxes, names, products, records, reporting information, everything is changed easily by yourself means that you can tailor the product to your own needs quickly and easily without waiting weeks for 'one of the IT department to facilitate'.”

I like that it (Asset Panda) allows us to build out the structure to our companies needs, not our company adapting to the functionality of the software.” 

“Asset Panda gives you lots of fields and options to include all the assets that you want to track and manage. The app helps you be able to utilize the software on the go, and the barcode reader is super helpful.”

Asset Panda is ideal for any organization, of any size, in any business. When it comes to fixed asset tracking software, you don’t need to look elsewhere. Give us a free 14-day trial and see for yourself how easy it is to start tracking your fixed assets.


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