Asset Tracking for Police Departments

Day in and day out, our police officers go out into the community and into the unknown of what may happen at any given time. Police departments must ensure that each of their officers are fully equipped to handle any number of incidents confidently and efficiently. When time is of the essence and the public’s safety is on the line, officers expect their equipment to be ready and able to perform the job they were sworn to do. Faulty equipment or missing supplies could make the difference between life and death—for an officer or a civilian. From IT equipment to weapons, radios to uniforms, patrol cars to station furniture, asset tracking for police and law enforcement agencies is taking a more prominent role in day-to-day operations.

Many police agencies are adopting a more cutting-edge approach with equipment and tools used combined with an influx of new hardware and systems. This technology has made a difference in how departments operate, but it also has created new issues when it comes to handling everyday assets. Agencies are realizing that they need a system that is easy to use, fast, reliable, and scalable to the ever-changing needs for policing and its different departments and roles within the department. Police departments are incorporating asset tracking software and procedures to help employees keep track of all the equipment they use every day.

Tracking police equipment and inventory every day is such an important task that should not be taken lightly. It is imperative that police officers, as well as their supervisors, know where their equipment is, what condition it is in, and if it is safe to use. It’s crucial to know where all assets are at all times because an item, such as a gun or police uniform could in the wrong hands, lead to a disastrous end result.

Officers’ everyday equipment goes through a rigorous check in/check out process before they can be put into use at the beginning of a shift and when they are turned in at the end of a long day. Equipment needs to be regularly inspected and maintained and certain pieces need to be monitored when they reach their expiration date and are no longer useful for protecting an officer or the public.

Added to the importance of asset tracking for police and law enforcement is the fact that departments are under increasing pressure to maintain the highest possible standards for public safety while keeping police department costs aligned with budgetary constraints. Tracking the status of equipment like police car tires, bulletproof vests, electronic notepads, or Kevlar helmets assists management and city officials make more informed decisions on how and when to replace assets that are a drain on the budget or are no longer useful for daily operations.

Asset Panda is a great fit for tracking and managing assets used by police departments. Asset Panda makes it easy to organize and know where all the equipment officers are responsible for is located in real-time. With Asset Panda’ departments can track a wide variety of items including: hand held radios, mobile phones, police uniforms, electronics, high-risk assets, vehicles, fire arms and so much more. Asset Panda helps you keep track of where each item is/was located, type, size it is and build a service history for each piece of equipment for auditing purposes. You can even create and manage work orders against equipment maintenance in Asset Panda.

Asset Panda was designed to be the most powerful, yet simple asset tracking platform in the world. It’s powered by free mobile iOS and Android apps that sync with the cloud and include a mobile barcode scanner. That means you don’t need a separate barcode scanner, additional software or hardware to use Asset Panda, and because it syncs with the cloud, your data is in real time – and accessible 24 hours a day.

Asset Panda is completely customizable and flexible. Police departments can choose the features that best fit their needs as they grow and their equipment list grows. And Asset Panda couldn’t be easier to use and navigate. It requires no special training to master, so employees won’t be intimidated. In a field where seconds matter, having the right partner to manage and track every asset needed to protect the public is of utmost importance. For more information and a free 14-day trial, visit

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