4 Ways Barcode Tracking Software Beats Manual Data Entry


Despite the availability of automated systems, many companies still rely on manual data entry to input inventory and asset information. A barcode tracking software could save these companies hours of time, but the effort required in implementing a new system might seem like too much work. If you are still using manual data entry to track important asset and inventory information, you're paying for it in one of several ways.

Manual Data Entry Sacrifices Accuracy

The average typist makes eight mistakes for every 100 words. When it comes to your asset records, you can't afford to have your database riddled with errors. Even if your workers are incredibly attentive, they'll have bad days. They won't be able to catch all the mistakes they end up making. And if one of those mistakes happens to be a misplaced zero, your company could be in a lot of trouble.

Manual Data Entry Takes More Time Than Barcode Tracking Software

Even the fastest typists cannot work as quickly as a computer. A professional typist hits between 75-100 words per minute. Full pages of information would still take several minutes to produce. Multiply that by the number of documents and entries you'll need to create in order to keep up with the ever-changing state of your inventory, and the time adds up.

Manual Data Entry Requires a Great Deal of Labor Cost

You have to pay your employees for all the time spent in data entry. With the amount of information you need to track, you might end up paying the salary of several employees just to keep up with data entry. One license of barcode tracking software can often do the work of your entire team, with one person overseeing software implementation.

Manual Data Entry Makes Maintaining a Centralized Database Difficult

Your business needs accessible asset information. Managers out on the inventory floor need to be able to access current records without going back to the office. Your workers can upload information into a networked database, but the more people who have access to a system, the higher the likelihood of system errors. You'll also have to train your employees in the right way to access and input information into the database and increase the number of wages you must pay.

Asset Panda's tracking platform utilizes the power of barcodes in tracking assets and inventory items. You'll be able to pull up asset records in seconds and update fields easily. Smartphones already have the capability to utilize barcode technology, so your employees can use the devices they have on hand to access and update asset records.

Our barcode-based system will make it easy for your company to save time and reduce errors that come with manual tracking. You won't have to rely on manual entry to record information your company relies on to make vital business decisions. You'll also be able to apply labor costs toward other administrative tasks that require a more hands-on approach.

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