Church Inventory Software Makes Users Shout “Hallelujah!”


Like families, churches have more than we think we have, not only financially but regarding their assets. While we think about the collection plate passed around at Sunday services or the monetary donation requests, you should perform church inventory management practices daily to operate your church better. Some church inventory includes assets such as:

  • Musical instruments
  • Electronics
  • Office equipment 
  • Furniture
  • Books
  • And, of course, the church itself

Managing all these parts and pieces, along with financial donations, is a big undertaking, and many churches don’t have the administrative staff to do such a task. That’s why church inventory software is becoming more and more critical.

Many churches have high costs that the general congregation is unaware of. On average, a church spends $1,700 on each regular attendee each year. And the chances are that number will continue to rise.

Church inventory software should be an essential part of your overall daily operations. Knowing what you have and its condition is vital for cost-savings measures and continual asset tracking. With financial data under very watchful eyes, many churches don’t have extra funds to replace lost or misplaced equipment. By knowing what you already have, churches can save thousands of dollars in unnecessary replacements for items that “might” be lost, misplaced, or stolen.

By knowing what you already have, churches can save thousands of dollars in unnecessary replacements for items that “might” be lost, misplaced, or stolen.

How Church Inventory Software can Benefit Churches

Today’s asset tracking software gives churches instant access to data that shows where an asset is, who has it, its repair/maintenance history, and even GPS coordinates. Finance or accounting departments appreciate the real-time data when it comes time to conduct audits, and it also helps with budgeting for special events or the upcoming year. The depth of information that church inventory software provides enables users to make better, more informed decisions, eliminates guesswork and costly errors, and ultimately, wasteful spending. What else does church inventory software offer?

Better Asset and Inventory Organization

That’s most important! With church inventory software, now your staff knows where assets are at any time. Never again will you ask where something is or if someone is using a particular asset.

Time Savings for Churches

By storing and keeping track of assets, whether you rarely use the asset or are in constant demand, knowing where all assets are decreases the time and energy your staff spends searching for specific inventory. You know precisely what you have and where it is. And that also translates into cost savings. So no more buying replacement or duplicate items!

Inventory Maintenance Scheduling

You never know how much you need an asset until it becomes unavailable. With more and more technological items being used in church environments, they must be kept in good working condition. Keeping up with maintenance schedules is essential to ensure that equipment is usable at all times and doesn’t break down at the worst possible moment.

Huber Memorial Church in Baltimore, MD, has multiple locations and assets being used from place to place. Since upgrading from the most basic way of tracking assets – pen and paper – to implementing church inventory software, they have seen a definite difference in how much more accurately and efficiently they can keep up with their valuable assets.

Asset Panda's Church Inventory Software

Church inventory software, like what’s offered by Asset Panda, is proving to be very valuable for churches. Users can scan barcodes using their smartphone or tablet (a tremendous cost-saving measure) and instantly find the location, quantity, maintenance history, user history, and much more on each asset.

Highly configurable, Asset Panda is the perfect asset tracking solution for churches that quickly integrates with existing systems, changing as your needs change for unlimited ways to organize and access the information you need throughout an asset’s entire lifecycle. Completely customizable, Asset Panda is not just mighty; it’s also effortless to use.

By using devices your team is already carrying, our free Mobile App makes it simple to scan an asset for on-demand access or necessary information. Add pictures or documents, complete access histories, generate reports, track maintenance schedules, audit, and get a full check-in/check-out status on every asset entered into the system. First Baptist Church in Sevierville, TN, had a system created by Asset Panda that allows them to track assets being moved across several buildings and much more.

Church inventory software does not have to be expensive or difficult to implement. See what Asset Panda can offer your church with a free 14-day trial.

You’ll receive full access to user guides, video tutorials, free mobile apps, and call-in & live chat support from our wonderful Asset Panda support team.


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