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It’s hard to fathom what major building companies would do without construction inventory management software. Imagine you’re charged managing construction inventory for a multitude of projects worldwide. If that makes your head spin, it should. Each site has its own needs for tools and equipment. Each piece of equipment has a specific value, its own maintenance history and timetable for servicing. Your goal is to ensure that teams have enough equipment to do the job, but not so much that you’ve got equipment sitting idle. And, across the board, you’re looking to keep your tools and equipment in good working order, maximize their lifespan, minimize theft and loss and keep costs under control.

Construction inventory management software takes the headache out of these processes, centralizing your data in one convenient location. When your inventory reaches a critical level, it can trigger reorders, so productivity never has to grind to a halt. Best of all, it gives you the bird’s-eye view of your locations across the board, so that you can be informed about your materials usage company wide.

Asset Panda makes it incredibly simple to perform these complex functions. All you need to use Asset Panda is your smartphone, which makes it easy for companies to communicate with workers in the field about their equipment needs. You’re also entitled to an unlimited number of users at no additional fee, so you can bring every single stakeholder – throughout your home office and on every job site – into the broader construction inventory conversation. That communication promotes accuracy and accountability throughout your entire organization.

To get a better picture of how Asset Panda’s construction inventory management software can help deliver greater efficiency to your company, consider these scenarios: You can prepare for an upcoming project by examining your inventory of tools and equipment and ensuring that your field workers will have what they need to get the job done. Each of those tools is tracked with a unique barcode, which helps cut theft. If an item goes missing, you have a record of who had it last. Similarly, if an item was due to be returned and wasn’t, you know whom to contact. And, in the event the field needs an additional piece of equipment, you have an easy means of determining whether you have that item available in your inventory. You also have a means of accurately restocking tools when projects come to conclusion. You can also track the value and condition of each tool or piece of equipment, and create work orders and schedule maintenance when necessary.

Asset Panda gives you access to all of that vital data and more – in the palm of your hand. It’s incredibly intuitive, so all of your employees will be able to use it with ease. Features are customizable, from the dashboard, fields and columns to notifications, alerts, reports and security settings, giving you the freedom to track and manage your construction inventory any way you want. Every Asset Panda account is a premium account, so you have our complete features offering at your fingertips. Simply choose those most relevant to your business. And, because Asset Panda’s free iOS and Android apps sync with the cloud, your data is always up to date.

You’ve got multiple job sites to manage. Let Asset Panda’s construction inventory management software help you take care of your most vital equipment and tools. You’ll see the difference in your bottom line. Try Asset Panda free for 14 days. For more information or to get started, go to


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