Cutting Costs in Your IT Department

As the central nervous system of your corporate outfit, running a top notch IT department does not come cheap. According to an academic review on IT costs published in the Journal of Applied Quantitative Methods, the average costs per period of maintaining an IT department can range up to $41,841. Even if you are not in charge of a large-scale operation, cutting out any of these costs with smart IT asset management can mean the difference between a sustainable operation and one that is a massive burden on the company's budget.

Focusing on Organization

Although a spreadsheet or printout can provide some strong static information, the lack of mobility and customization can cripple your IT asset management goals. In the place of these outdated tools, consider trying an on the go, customizable alternative like Asset Panda. This app provides unique entries for all of your IT equipment, from server racks and portable hard drives to iPads. Once you have your entire inventory catalogued, you can make notes on prior service calls, known issues, and even replacement values. With this information on your phone or tablet, making tough calls on handling IT issues suddenly becomes a lot easier.


Krista has developed a passion for operational strategy via KPI management, streamlined processes, implementation of automation systems, and scaling Asset Panda. When she isn't attempting to help take the company to new heights, she enjoys spending time with her family, gardening, playing golf, cooking, and a good glass of wine.

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