Why You Need an IT Equipment Refresh Policy

Although most of the business world relies on IT to get their work done, many companies wait until their hardware dies before replacing it. Instituting a regular IT equipment refresh will help your business stay compliant and avoid the hassle of dealing with broken or aged technology.

Most software nowadays has cloud options. This is ideal for businesses because updates are automatically included in your cloud subscription.

Benefits of Using an Equipment Refresh Over Trying to Make Your Old Hardware Work

Relying on old technology can cost your business time when it starts to slow down. Even if the hardware doesn't have any issues in functioning, new software is often designed with new machines in mind. After a while, your old technology won't be supported by the software you need to keep your business running, and you'll have no choice but to replace your equipment.

For example, Microsoft no longer supports Windows XP, and most current software is too advanced to work on this operating system. If you were to try using the budgeting software your accounting department received in 2014 on a computer made in 2004, it's unlikely to work.

Keeping old technology around also requires you to invest in maintenance. While some maintenance should be anticipated and prepared for, there comes a point where enough is enough. If you're paying more in repairs than you would be investing in new hardware, it's time to switch.

Most office IT equipment is replaced between every three to five years. By planning for hardware upgrades, you'll ensure that your company isn't caught off guard and your company won't have to deal with outdated technology. This will help you protect your customer and client's information and enable you to better serve them.

Why You Should Set Up an Equipment Refresh Policy

When you already have a policy in place regarding updating old equipment, your company can plan marketing strategies and anticipate profit to help offset any costs. You'll also avoid any problems that might come with business compliance to the rules and regulations your industry is subject to meet. The amount of time you save in keeping your technology updated will translate to greater profit than you would have received if you had stuck with your older machines until they broke.

Your employees will also know what to expect because of the policy you've laid out. They can look for cloud-based software that will work on any system, so your company doesn't have to pay to upgrade your software as well. Being updated about company changes will also reduce work downtime, so you can consistently serve your clients.


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