How to Make the Most of Your Facility Preventative Maintenance Plan

Your office is your company's life force. Without it, your business can't function. It's important to make sure your buildings and facilities are in top shape so you can keep going about your daily work. Incorporating facility preventative maintenance into your company's schedule will help you ensure your office keeps working the way it's supposed to without interfering with work flow.

The best facility management includes understanding your facility’s specific maintenance needs. Depending on what you have available in your office space, you'll need different types of repairs, cleaning, and upkeep. A large office building will require daily cleaning and check up, while a smaller space can be maintained by other workers.

In order to keep up with your facility's unique maintenance requirements, you'll need to create a facility preventative maintenance plan. In order to manage the various needs of your facility, you'll have to know what services you have available, how often those services are used, and previous maintenance and repair records. You'll also need to know what management expects of the facility in the future. Are there expansion plans on the horizon? Does your company need something specific out of the facility? Your maintenance efforts will change based on what you need from your facility.

Here are some areas to keep in mind when creating your facility preventative maintenance plan:

Facility Age

How old is your facility? Was it created in the last fifty years, or is it a little bit on the older side? Older buildings usually come with a few quirks. If you're thinking about making significant changes to your facility, you'll need to make sure your building is equipped for them. Older buildings may not be compatible with newer technologies, and can require more maintenance to keep functioning.

Technology Concerns

What sorts of technology does your business need in order to carry out work orders? Will just a few computers do, or do you need cutting edge technology? It's likely your company falls somewhere between the two, but whatever your technology needs are, your maintenance plan will need to change to reflect them. Security and operation technology is an important part of your facility, and needs to be scheduled for maintenance along with the rest of the building.

Assessment Procedure

How will you conduct facility assessments? Will your audits take the form of an informal walk through, or do you need to ensure your buildings and equipment match specific criteria? If you've never performed a facility assessment before, it can be difficult to know what your company will need. The bigger your company, with more assets and equipment to track, the more likely a formal facility assessment in the form of a maintenance audit will be required.

If you can see the entirety of your office space from your desk, then you might be able to get away with keeping track of your facility mentally. But if your company takes up more than a couple of rooms, you'll need a way to track how your facility is holding up.


Along with tracking company assets, Asset Panda is designed to help you keep track of everything to do with facility maintenance. From listing out each area of your company to helping you stick to a maintenance schedule, Asset Panda will help you keep your office spic and span.

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