Don’t Call 911 for Fire Extinguisher Inspection Software

In the event of an emergency, you call 911. Depending on the type of scenario, when either the police or fire department arrives (sometimes you get both!) you expect that they have the proper tools and equipment needed to assist you in your emergency. The same can be said about the type of equipment you have in your work environment when it comes to fire extinguishers. Is your equipment up to date? Would it be operable in the event of a fire? While it sounds trivial, fire extinguisher inspection software is a real thing. And if a fire ever breaks out in your facility, you want to be sure you are protected.

Every business should have one or more fire extinguishers in place to protect their employees and their assets from fire and more importantly, those fire extinguishers need to be up to code and in proper working condition when needed. Routine inspections of fire extinguishers are the most common way to ensure the equipment is up to code. That is where a good asset tracking and management platform can come into play. Proper tracking and management from the first day you install the extinguishers is key.

One way to NOT track fire extinguishers is by using pen and paper documents. In today’s digital world, you have a way to enter data quickly and easily with asset tracking software. Data can be recorded out in the field with a smartphone or tablet and can be uploaded instantly and saved in the cloud where it is safe and accessible. Also, entering data with pen and paper takes time and is prone to human error. Digitally capturing data greatly reduces both time and errors and provides greater accuracy in the final reports.

For those who need fire extinguisher inspection software as part of their everyday jobs, asset tracking and management software can completely change the way they track equipment, create reports and share data/reports with customers. The software keeps track of what has been inspected, on what date, and what still remains. Technicians can record details on the facility such as the location of each fire extinguisher, ensuring that no units are missed during an inspection. Every inspection and result is date and time recorded, providing an accurate record of the work completed. After the inspection is complete, staff can write up inspection reports and deliver them digitally in a matter of days instead of weeks to clients.

Asset tracking software also allows the technician to customize the way they gather data with custom fields they can create for each individual building and/or client. They can take photos or videos of extinguishers and their location and note any damage to the equipment. They can also attach voice memos or create custom alerts for the next inspection on each and every unit they inspect. Technicians can even add manuals or details on the latest codes, which are subject to change. All of this data is kept in one central location and can be viewed by any approved user 24/7 from anywhere. Guesswork is eliminated.

The amount of time saved by using asset tracking software allows fire and life safety service protection personnel to complete fire extinguisher inspections in a fraction of the time while improving the consistency and accuracy of the collected data. They can even pull up past data from an inspection and compare to what they find in the current round. That helps identify situations in which a fire extinguisher might need to be replaced due to a leak or other malfunction. Fire extinguisher inspection software gives both the technician and the client peace of mind that every extinguisher has been inspected in a timely manner for everyone’s safety and well-being.

Asset Panda’s highly configurable platform for fire departments, EMS, and safety technicians is a cost-effective solution that allows firefighters, safety technicians, and other personnel to customize and define information fields that are pertinent to their particular work. Technicians can create customized reports with inclusive fire extinguisher inspection software that allows them to work online, or with our free Mobile Apps, with no need to purchase additional hardware. They simply use their own smartphones or tablets to scan barcodes and upload data about each piece of equipment. The entire lifecycle of an asset such as a fire extinguisher is essentially in the palm of your hand.

Asset Panda provides the critical link in keeping track of life and property-saving fire extinguishers so they aren’t failing in times of need. Visit for additional information, and to begin a free 14-day trial.



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