Hospital Asset Tracking Software Lets You Focus on Your Patients Instead of Your Equipment

Doctor's offices and medical clinics face many challenges. Many facilities see an increase in the number of patients they treat, and those patients have high expectations. More patients means more expensive medical supplies, devices, and equipment to keep track of and maintain.

With an increase in demand for healthcare, many medical facilities are expanding across multiple departments and campuses. Some hospital departments require immediate response. When medical staff are under this kind of pressure, they don't have time to search for important medical equipment.

Without a proper system to track all of your devices and information, your clinic can face a number of problems.
  • Lower productivity: manually keeping track of your assets requires a lot of labor and is often prone to errors. Some hospitals use a manual asset tracking program that requires a lot of time and data entry to keep track of. While this is more beneficial than nothing, such a system cannot provide real time location data.
  • Lack of available equipment: sometimes when staff cannot locate the devices and supplies they need, they could stockpile it when it does become available, preventing other staff from using it.
  • Higher inventory cost: When health systems cannot find necessary equipment, they often end up buying or renting more than they need. This makes medical inventory cost more than necessary.
  • Dissatisfied patients: Patients do not like waiting for service. Some patients need immediate care, due to the nature of their condition. When doctors and medical staff spend time looking for equipment when they could otherwise be treating patients, not only does it annoy some patients, but it could be an active threat to the well-being of others.

With so much to keep track of, there is a great need for efficient hospital asset tracking software. Asset Panda's Healthcare Asset Tracking makes it easy to manage your patient records, locate medical equipment, access maintenance records, and ascertain the status of each piece of equipment.

Our Asset Tracking and Management Platform works for your team to make sure they have the necessary information to access important medical assets when they need it. Our system easily integrates with your current software and changes with your needs. Your team can scan each asset to access full histories, generate reports, track maintenance schedules, and even submit help tickets.

When you have the right asset tracking system in place, you can make your employees and your patients happier with your medical practice. Asset Panda will help you to:
  • Improve workflow: By using our flexible, easy to use application, you'll reduce the amount of time your employees spend searching for various devices, supplies, and equipment. Our cloud software will help your employees know the location of the assets they need in real-time. All of your employees can easily update and maintain the asset database to facilitate record accuracy.
  • Stay on top of device and equipment location: Instead of wasting time searching for the supplies or devices they need, your staff can check your asset database to find it. Since our software is in the cloud, they can update each asset's status so that other staff know where to find it when they need it.
  • Reduce inventory cost: When you know what your facility has on hand, you won't spend valuable dollars purchasing equipment you already have.
  • Manage equipment maintenance: With your equipment maintenance records, you can know ahead of time what devices need to go in for repairs, or which ones need replacing to keep up with industry standards.
  • Keep your patients safe and happy: When you don't have to use valuable time to search for medical equipment, you can use that time to provide excellent patient care.

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