How Asset Panda Compares to EZOfficeInventory


In the market for an asset and inventory management service? You’ve got a lot of options. There are many asset and inventory tracking software platforms out there, and each of their products address a full range of needs. Two of those companies, Asset Panda and EZOfficeInventory, have generated strong reviews from customers for their ease of use, features, value and customer service, among other benefits.

Before we line up these cloud-based applications for comparison, let’s consider the challenges that they were both created to address.

Asset management

It doesn’t matter how large the company, or its industry sector, organizations depend on fixed assets to run smoothly. Those fixed assets include everything from office furniture and supplies to company-owned vehicles, real estate, equipment, IT assets (including desktop computers, laptops, mobile devices, servers and more). Fixed asset management software enables companies to track each of those items throughout its entire lifecycle. The time savings associated with these asset management products can’t be oversold. Without a formal asset management system, employees often store asset records in multiple locations – electronic files or in filing cabinets, and sometimes those records are in the possession of multiple individuals. When information needs to be retrieved for any of those fixed assets, employees have to spin their wheels combing through those files and/or getting on the phone. Asset management software compiles that information in one place and stores everything from an asset’s date of purchase, its maintenance history and insurance policy to its warranty information and depreciation. Administrators are able to make better-informed, more accurate business decisions.

Inventory management

Poor inventory management may be caused by several factors, and its consequences are significant.

A formal inventory management system helps companies maintain that careful balance between over- and understocking. Further, they can manage assets across multiple locations, set up automatic thresholds for reordering, and more accurately determine if and when to transfer inventory. By running custom reports, they can examine seasonal variations in ordering and better prepare for those cycles. In the long run, inventory management reduces waste, saves money and keeps customers happy, as they don’t have to wait for the products they want due to shortsighted inventory management processes. 

EZOfficeInventory and Asset Panda both address the challenges of fixed asset management and inventory management and share some characteristics – namely, some of the features that make accurate asset and inventory management possible. Those features include:

Web and mobile access 

Users can access their fixed asset data at any time, from anywhere – whether it’s their desktop computer at work or on the mobile devices they already carry. Both Asset Panda and EZOfficeInventory offer mobile apps compatible with iOS and Android devices.

The cloud 

Both Asset Panda and EZOfficeInventory sync with the cloud, so users always have access to real-time data. This can prevent a lot of confusion and errors down the road.


Both services allow users to view available fixed assets and make reservations accordingly through a calendar feature.


Users have the ability to check in and check out fixed assets on their own using these asset management software products.

Increased transparency 

By consolidating asset data and making it accessible to all stakeholders, Asset Panda and EZOfficeInventory can in turn help promote accountability while reducing errors.

Built-in scanner 

Asset Panda and EZOfficeInventory mobile apps include a barcode scanner, eliminating the need for users to purchase an additional handheld scanner.

Easy data import/export 

Importing and exporting data in and out of these tools is a simple process.


Both products offer customization through such features as custom reports, maintenance alerts, user roles/access, data views and more.

Barcode labels and QR codes 

Both products partner with third parties to offer customers the ability to order the necessary barcode labels, asset tags and/or QR codes necessary for their business operations.

Depreciation calculation

This is an important feature for accounting and compliance purposes. Relying on guesswork to calculate the depreciation of your fixed assets can result in costly mistakes and penalties later. Asset Panda and EZOfficeInventory both offer their customers the ability to track and calculate straight-line depreciation with accuracy, in turn giving them peace of mind.

Areas of specialty

There are several areas in which Asset Panda particularly shines. EZOfficeInventory may offer similar options depending on the pricing tier, however, with Asset Panda, these options are currently standard for all accounts:

Unlimited user accounts 

This feature is extremely advantageous from a financial standpoint. Some asset and inventory management products establish a cap on how many users you can add. Exceed that limit, and you’ll be charged extra. If you’re a larger organization, it’s not difficult to find yourself hitting that cap. Best practices demonstrate that companies should strive to have every stakeholder involved in the lifecycle of fixed assets communicating through the asset and inventory tracking platform. Closing that loop eliminates communication gaps and confusion and promotes accountability and accuracy throughout the entire organization.

Asset-based pricing 

Asset-based pricing is another plus for Asset Panda. The number of fixed assets or inventory items you need to track and manage at any time is going to change, particularly if you’re a growing organization. Asset-based pricing requires customers to pay only for the number of records they need to track. If you’re a smaller company with ambitious growth plans, asset-based pricing is a smart strategy. You’ll save money paying only for what you need, and you can make adjustments as your organization continues to evolve. User-seat pricing, meanwhile, charges customers on a per-subscriber basis and can be quite costly as your company grows.

Barcode generation

Assigning each of your fixed assets a unique barcode number enables you to track its entire lifecycle. Asset Panda enables clients to generate and print their own barcodes or locate durable labels designed to withstand extremes in heat or working conditions. Once labels have been applied to assets, a built-in barcode scanner within the mobile app then makes entering and searching for asset information as easy as tapping a screen. 

Highly configurable

Our technology was carefully designed with our customers’ varied needs in mind. Specifically, Asset Panda was created to give customers the power to track and manage their assets and inventory any way they want. Our asset tracking software works the way our customers do. That means that it takes a completely flexible and tailored approach including unlimited configurations. Users control how the platform’s interface functions to meet their unique needs, using such features as:

  • Seamless import of asset data from existing spreadsheets
  • Action-based forms (custom checkout forms and maintenance checklists)
  • Asset listing view based on the details you select, and with easy filtering or grouping
  • Custom calculation fields
  • Client-defined workflow actions
  • Configurable audits
  • Custom fields
  • Custom groups
  • Custom reports
  • Field requirements
  • Custom notifications and alerts

Records management 

Asset Panda enables clients to store thousands of records in the cloud with no space constraints, at any time of day and from wherever they happen to be. Further, clients can make changes to those records at any time, which helps keep asset records up to date. Documenting the entire lifecycle of each asset - and having easy access to those records in a centralized location - saves companies immeasurable time. 

Workflow management

Asset Panda clients are able to create workflows using our configurable tool. They can then replicate those established processes elsewhere within their respective organizations. One particularly helpful aspect of Asset Panda’s workflow management capabilities is the ability to create restrictions. In other words, administrators may build a workflow so that each step is contingent upon the step that precedes it. Those restrictions help ensure accuracy and consistency of processes. 

User-friendly interface

In addition to these key benefits, Asset Panda also offers customers unparalleled ease of use.

Our intuitive interface lowers the barrier of entry for new users. When an app feels familiar, even users who aren’t tech-savvy can get up to speed quickly. That’s key because if you’re going to get buy-in from all of the stakeholders involved in the lifecycle of your fixed assets, the asset management tool you select has to be simple to use. Asset Panda’s commitment to ease of use extends to such features as user-specific views, sortable columns, built-in search, easy record replication and bulk asset reallocation.

Make no mistake, though, the mobile app’s streamlined appearance hides the kind of power and flexibility your business requires today and long into the future. Whether you use the web or mobile app, Asset Panda can provide your organization with accurate tracking capabilities in everything from asset, equipment and tool maintenance to facilities management, IT asset tracking, leased equipment tracking, fixed asset audits and much more. Monitor compliance and asset use while you raise the bar on the accuracy of your asset tracking efforts. Track licenses and software vendors. Keep a careful eye on your inventory management and ensure that your customers always have access to the products they love. Save time and money while you allow your employees to stay focused on their other priorities. It’s all possible with Asset Panda. To learn more, visit us at


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