3 Ways Keeping a Labels Inventory Will Make Processes More Efficient

Keeping inventory can be incredibly difficult if you aren't able to identify everything quickly at a glance. However, by using a labels inventory management system, your company can make the inventory process much more efficient.

Here are the top ways using labels in your inventory tracking will improve your management system.

Automatically Update Inventory Records When You Scan Labels

Your inventory is constantly changing, even from hour to hour. To meet customer demand, you must know exactly what you have on hand. If you promise something you don't have, you risk losing a customer and damaging your reputation. Relying on labels is an easy way to make sure your inventory is updated in real time, so you know exactly what is going on at any given moment.


"Using a labels inventory system is a great way to make sure any of your employees can find what they need at any moment."


Identify Items at a Glance in Your Labels Inventory

If your warehouses hold hundreds of different items, trying to find one thing without labels can take way more time than it's worth. One employee might know exactly where one thing is, but trying to keep everyone updated on where all items are at any given location is too much of a hassle. Using a labels inventory system is a great way to make sure any of your employees can find what they need at any moment, without having to spend a large amount of time trying to find a manager.

Cut Down on Data Entry Errors by Using Barcode Labels

Trying to manually update and manage your inventory records is a surefire way to create error-ridden entries. Some mistakes may not have a huge impact on your company, but others could mean the difference between being in the black and being in the red. Manually updating inventory records can also take a huge amount of time and prevent your employees from serving customers.

Asset Panda makes it easy to use labels on our platform. Our software easily integrates with barcode labels, so you can scan the tag and pull up each inventory record in seconds. It's also easy to create new inventory records. Our intuitive platform is fairly straightforward, so you can attach a specific item to the label you put on it. Once you have created an entry for each piece of inventory, our software makes it easy to automatically track where your inventory is headed, who is using it, and the demand from your customers for that item over time.

You can choose from a variety of labels. Whatever material or brand you prefer will work with Asset Panda. Many smartphones already come equipped with the ability to scan barcodes through the camera feature. This means you don't have to invest in expensive handheld barcode scanners and can save your company even more money in the long run.

ASM is a semiconductor-creating company and one of Asset Panda's clients. They use our platform to track the number of chemicals available in each of their semiconductors. Using the notifications feature, they can stay on top of the maintenance necessary to keep their semi-conductors working in top shape and prevent their inventory from experiencing any issues.

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