Why Medical Equipment Maintenance Tracking Is a Must for Hospitals and Clinics


Doctors and medical staff use a variety of tools and equipment to give their patients the best care possible. And with the growing number of patients, excellent patient care can be difficult to deliver. Medical devices help doctors, nurses, and specialists keep an eye on vitals and watch out for potential health issues. If one piece of equipment fails, patient care lessens in quality and can even become dangerous and life threatening.

Regular equipment maintenance is a must for all clinics and medical offices to keep patients safe and comfortable. Maintenance tracking can help offices keep up with all sorts of maintenance needs with as little stress and error as possible. It also helps your clinic run as efficiently as possible and be more accurate in patient results.

Keeping accurate records goes hand in hand with tracking maintenance. Long gone are the days when tracking clinic information through pen and paper was enough to keep up with the ever changing world of medical technology. Using maintenance tracking software will help you keep your maintenance records up to date, so you can get back to treating your patients.

The Importance of Medical Equipment Maintenance Tracking

Keep Your Equipment Safe

Medical equipment that goes in for regular repairs is much safer than neglected or out of date equipment. Routine inspections can prevent issues further down the line, so you don't have to worry about faulty equipment while you are treating patients.

Make Your Work Process More Efficient

Planning ahead for equipment repairs ensures your practice doesn't have to do without the devices and supplies you need to provide quality care. When you know what pieces of equipment will be unavailable ahead of time, you can come up with alternative solutions or schedule appointments for days when you will have the proper tools. Using a software to track maintenance and repairs can help you create efficient repair routines and ease clinic workflow.

Save Money

Medical practices across the nation spent $171.8 billion on devices in 2015. Replacing equipment can get expensive, especially when several issues can be addressed by repair. By keeping your equipment operating at prime levels, you'll help your devices last longer and save thousands of dollars for your practice.

Recognize Inventory Issues Faster

Keeping accurate records helps you know what you currently have on hand. And knowing exactly what you have on hand can prevent you from purchasing duplicate machines and devices. When medical managers can easily access this information, they can make informed decisions about device purchases and when they need to update their equipment.

Identify Potential Problems Before They Become Catastrophic

Maintained repair records will help you predict problems with certain kinds of equipment. When you know what sorts of problems specific devices are prone to, you can perform preventative maintenance to keep your assets working in the best condition possible. Doing so will also help you extend the lifespan of each device, getting even more value out of your equipment.

Asset Panda's software solution for healthcare asset management will help you stay on top of your repair needs in the most efficient way possible. Our integration with mobile devices will help your medical staff access maintenance records from any location. Easy access helps them make decisions quickly so they don't have to keep their patients waiting. Your clinic will save big on device purchases, and your workers won't have to stress about where their equipment is at anytime.

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