Why Online Asset Tracking Really Matters

When it comes to asset tracking, companies are learning to do more with less. Today’s modern asset tracking platforms incorporate a variety of easy-to-use tools like barcodes, scanners, customizable asset tracking software, and other innovative online asset tracking components to streamline organizations’ work day and enable employees to work more efficiently.

It used to be that knowing where an asset was, who checked it in/out, the maintenance record and other crucial details could be an incredibly time consuming process if an asset wasn’t tracked properly, was considered lost or even stolen. One mistyped entry of a serial number into a shared online spreadsheet could cost hundreds or thousands of dollars that were unnecessarily wasted trying to track an asset down because the numbers didn’t match up.

Advances in technology have brought asset tracking to a whole new attainable level for virtually any company, large or small, to be able to track any number of assets, due in part to online asset tracking. Now a company’s assets are stored in the cloud and are accessible to all authorized users across the organization. This process makes collaboration and data sharing much more amenable for all who need to track or manage a company’s assets.

Online asset tracking offers companies a multitude of benefits that should be considered when a company is looking to integrate their old asset tracking methods into a more manageable platform.

Accessibility. Asset data is centralized and accessible in real time. All authorized users access the same asset database and see the same data as their counterparts. Users should be able to log in any time, day or night, from anywhere.

Flexible and customized reporting. With online asset tracking, users are able to customize the tool to accommodate their specific needs -- creating custom fields, notifications and alerts, a calendar and dashboard. Other important features should include the ability to upload details like images, videos, documents and voice notes to accompany data on each asset tracked.

Security. Online asset tracking offers a more stable sense of security for its users in that settings should be configurable based on user locations, roles, and field-level permissions. Many asset tracking tools provide each authorized user with their own security credentials and customized levels of access.

Easy integration. Integrating existing data is now a reality with online asset tracking. It’s simple to move data back and forth seamlessly between applications, resulting in better communication and more accountability for all users.

Embracing mobile technology. One of the most exciting functions of asset tracking is the ability to track and store data in the cloud using mobile apps on devices that an employee already has, such as a smartphone or tablet. Within seconds no matter where you are, online asset tracking can provide up-to-the-second data like check-in/check-out status, maintenance history, purchase/lease details, and insurance policy expiration dates.

Asset Panda is the most versatile asset-tracking platform on the market today. Our cloud-based software, paired together with free iOS and Android apps, require no additional hardware, software or equipment to operate. We offer a highly customizable platform that is flexible, easy to use, and does not require extra software or equipment. All that’s required to use Asset Panda is the mobile device you already carry – a smartphone or tablet. Everything you need to monitor the entire lifecycle of each of your vital assets exists in the palm of your hand.

When everyone in your organization has quick and easy access to information they need, they can all work smarter. Try Asset Panda and see for yourself with a free 14-day trial, and you will understand why companies around the globe trust Asset Panda for their asset tracking needs. To get started, visit assetpanda.com.

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