Pick A Construction Asset Management Solution That Gets The Job Done For Everyone


When it comes to your tools and equipment, everyone in your organization has a different role to play in how these assets can help your construction company operate in the black while keeping clients satisfied. However, antiquated asset management solutions can create delays, cause revenue loss, and throw a wrench in your forecasting and project planning.

An asset management solution should be able to seamlessly integrate into your current workflows and processes, allowing your organization to improve its productivity, no matter who is logging into the asset management system.

With unlimited users, Asset Panda provides the flexibility and information everyone on your team needs, including your:

  • Job Site Manager
  • Asset Manager
  • Accountant
  • Operations Manager

Learn how each role on your construction team can benefit from a tool tracking solution that’s intuitive, future-focused and customizable.

Job Site Manager: Handling Construction Asset Management On Site

As the point of contact on the job site, it’s your job to ensure that your team stays on task while keeping the project on schedule. To accomplish both, your employees need the right construction tools at the right time. Asset Panda’s mobile tool tracking application gives you the ability to do just that without ever leaving the job site.

Asset Manager: Taking Tool Inventory To The Next Level

Managing your company’s tools and equipment isn’t just an important job - it’s critical to the success of every project. Asset Panda can help you make sure every tool and piece of equipment is accounted for, where it needs to be and ready for use.

  • Maintain inventory for small, but important assets like nails, screws and bolts
  • Monitor your assets for lost or missing equipment
  • Fulfill tool requests from the field so they can stay on schedule
  • Schedule preventative and regular maintenance for your more expensive assets

Accounting Team: Keep Account Of Every Aspect of Construction Equipment Asset Management

Making sure every dollar is accounted for and spent wisely is the hallmark of a good accounting team. Optimize and streamline the way you manage the financial side of your assets with Asset Panda.

  • Audit your asset inventory to track losses
  • Approve purchases for tools you need and decline requests for assets you already have
  • Track the lifecycle of expensive equipment so you know when you need to replace assets
  • Forecast future spending based on lifecycle and losses so you know how to work your budget

Operations Manager: Tracking Tools From Here, There and Everywhere

With a macro view over every project currently in the field and those still in the planning phases, the operations manager needs all the data you can get concerning the assets in your company’s inventory. With customizable reporting, Asset Panda can give your operations manager the insight he/she needs to manage all of your projects across the board.

  • Determine the needs of every current and upcoming project
  • Schedule projects based on equipment availability
  • Get more mileage out of your equipment by reducing low tool utilization
  • Manage multiple job sites at once, ensuring every site has the tools they need to get the job done

From Breaking Ground to Project Completion, Choose A Ground-Breaking Asset Management Solution

Asset Panda is the one tool that can help you get from the planning phase to project completion with fewer delays and an intact budget. By using Asset Panda to plan your asset allocations and usage across multiple job sites, you can get the most out of every tool while ensuring your crews have the equipment they need when they need it most.

The intuitive interface and customizable configuration make Asset Panda easy to use and adaptable to everyone’s needs, whether you’re scheduling the start of the next project, forecasting budgets based on equipment lifecycles, allocating the appropriate tools for a project, or checking the equipment back in after the last nail has been hammered in.

Plus, with Asset Panda’s easy to follow onboarding process, you’ll be up and running quickly, seeing a return on your investment faster than you could imagine. In fact, most clients see an 800% ROI in hours saved when they start using Asset Panda to track and manage their assets.

With a new year, it’s time to take a new approach to get the most efficient use out of your tools and equipment. Make your job easier and more productive with Asset Panda; book a demo today.

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