Police Equipment Inventory Services Keep Officers Prepared

Police equipment inventory services can have a significant impact on the efficiency of law enforcement agencies. Consider a large city, for example, with officers stationed in a variety of capacities through the geographic area. The equipment on which police offers depend can affect their ability to respond quickly, resolve issues and serve the community to the best of their ability. Think smartphones, vehicles, radios, weapons and other police gear, electronics and much more. The goal of any police department should be to ensure that officers are covered for any contingency. This job, perhaps more than any other, involves the unknown. Police offers have no idea what they’ll encounter when they respond to a call. So, for the sake of their safety and that of the citizens they serve, it’s vital that officers have access to a full range of equipment.

Within a large department, however, inventory often changes hands. Police need to be able to track where items are and how quickly they can access them. There are also occasions during which police need servicing and repair on specific inventory. Departments also need to be able to anticipate items that are nearing expiration. Having one centralized location where they can submit and track requests reduces waiting time, errors and frustration. This is where police equipment inventory services can be invaluable.


"Every police officer should be able to access the system and quickly obtain information such as an item’s check-in/check-out status, its condition, maintenance history and expiration dates."


Another element that can’t be ignored in the discussion of police equipment inventory is the budgetary constraints of police departments. In short, departments have to stay within their budgets. Items that break down prematurely or are lost represent wasted funds. Routine audits can help departments stay on track, but that exercise can be challenging if you’re using an Excel spreadsheet to maintain your records. Errors are a common side effect of manual recordkeeping, as are gaps in data.

The best police equipment inventory services provide a means for tracking and managing inventory that’s both accurate and easy to use. Every police offer should be able to access the system and quickly obtain information such as an item’s check-in/check-out status, its condition, maintenance history and expiration dates. At a moment’s notice, officers should be able to determine whether their vehicles have everything they need to perform their duties. And, because officers are most effective when they’re not stuck behind a desk, tracking capabilities need to be mobile, so that police always have inventory data at their fingertips.

Asset Panda delivers one of the simplest, yet most incredibly powerful police equipment inventory services available today. Wherever police officers go, with Asset Panda, they have access to comprehensive data for all of their vital equipment. Using their smartphones and Asset Panda’s free iOS or Android app, officers can pull up real-time, accurate information in seconds, thanks to the fact that Asset Panda syncs with the cloud. No separate scanner is needed; the app includes a mobile barcode scanner. Officers can create work orders and customized alerts, check the status of an item and determine its exact whereabouts, even its GPS coordinates. Asset Panda is also intuitive and requires no special training to master, so police officers can get up to speed easily.

Here's a look at how Asset Panda is helping one local police department:


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