Ditch Managing Inventory Manually and Set Up Alerts Software


Managing your inventory and company assets requires you to keep tabs on many small things all at once. Trying to do this without an alerts software program is impossible. There’s no way you can remember all of the little things that go into tracking inventory items.

How You Can Use the Alerts Software Platform to Your Advantage

Along with tracking the inventory you have on hand, you need to track other aspects of asset management. Trying to check everything yourself simply isn’t feasible. There’s bound to be one thing or another you won’t remember or don’t make a priority.

When you set up asset monitoring alerts, you can count on your asset management platform to remind you when to make time for asset repairs and renewing certifications. Here are some areas you can use this program to assist you.

Asset Maintenance

Keeping your assets in top-performing condition protects your employees and prevents you from having to replace them before their expected lifespan expires. However, because maintenance isn’t something you do every day, it’s easy to let it slip through the cracks.

Set up alerts in your asset maintenance software program to keep you on your toes. You can set up reminders to reach you by email or text a day or week before you need to set in an asset for repairs. Having this much notice ahead of time can help you plan work tasks that don’t require the use of that asset.

Rules and Regulations

Industry certifications need to be renewed on a regular basis. Whether you need to review licenses annually or on a different schedule, get notified when one is coming up. This can help you stay above board at all times and prevent something from expiring and potentially getting you in trouble.

Inventory Location

Some assets need to stay in one place. Others tend to travel but might be subject to wear and tear if they’re transferred in a certain way.

You can set your system up to send notifications each time assets are moved or accessed from a new location. Having these notifications sent to you on a regular basis can help you spot any irregularities and investigate them before it gets out of hand.

Check-in/Check-out Process

Many of your employees rely on company assets to perform their work. However, some team members don’t need access to all the equipment and tools your company tracks. You can set up notifications to reach you when suspicious check-outs go through the system.

Having a record of who has accessed what asset is also a great way to help you track exactly who is using what. This information can be especially helpful should anything go missing. You can access your records and notifications to see which employee was the last to use a specific item.

Asset Panda’s inventory management system comes with easily configurable notifications. Set up when, how, and why you want to receive them. Whatever reminders help you manage your assets, you can automate with ease. Some reminders may be a necessary part of your business, while others might just be annoying. You don’t have to settle for anything other than what’s best for you.

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