Use Cloud Software to Monitor All Your Church Campuses


As a religious institution, you have several facilities to manage. Perhaps you only have the one campus, but there are still several things to manage. Or, you have several buildings that are all part of your religious organization and you need to know the condition they're in.

Managing your facilities can be difficult. You need to make sure all of the utilities are working properly and means checking your central heating system, electricity, gas, and more.

How to Keep Your Churches Comfortable For All of Your Members

Along with assuring everything in the building works, you need to ensure cleanliness and comfort. You also need to make sure you can accommodate all of the members. If you go over capacity, that can be a fire hazard and risk the safety of your members.

Cleanliness is one of the more difficult aspects of facilities management. Keep each church clean often relies on volunteer work from the members, or hiring someone to keep it clean for you. 

Cloud Software Helps You Monitor Church Campuses From a Distance

Sometimes, you can’t always be on church campuses during services or usage. This could be because your campuses are in different states, or you have other commitments. However, you still need to be able to monitor what’s happening and what state your facilities are in.

Utilizing facility management software that works on the cloud can help you manage your campuses from any location. It's also a great way to track any technology used for services and ensure they’re all kept up to date. You can see what services were held on what dates, when each room was last cleaned, and when maintenance orders come in. Tracking all of this over time can help you identify patterns, as well as prime use times. You can prepare for heavy usage times, such as at the beginning of the year and during holiday seasons.

Your Monitoring Database Can Hold Information About All of Your Churches

Whether you have one church or twenty, your facilities database can keep information about them in one central database. When you have questions about what’s happening with each church, you can log in and see what the baseline is. Then, if something is different from that baseline, you can see what happened recently and how you can fix it.

Another great thing to do is to upload church calendars into the database. That way, if something goes wrong with your facility amenities, you can pinpoint exactly when and where that happened. You can also ensure the facilities are in good order before an event happens. That way you won’t have to reschedule or be seen as unprepared.

All Church Service Members Need to Update Your Database

Members from all of your church campuses need to be involved in the asset tracking process. The only way this can work is if everyone is updating the database every time services are held in a specific building. The best way to make sure this happens is to host training where you help people understand how to use Asset Panda's software.

If those conducting services take the time to update the database, this can help you stay proactive, instead of reactive. That way, no matter where you are, you can see what’s happening and how to address it before it becomes a big problem.


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