4 Killer Ways to Utilize IT Inventory Asset Tracking Software

With the rapid rise in the use of technology, more businesses rely on hardware and software to provide their services and products. Technology companies need an IT inventory asset tracking solution to ensure that they can meet their customers' needs. Otherwise, they might not be able to keep up with demand.

Here are a few ways that you, as an IT-based company, can utilize tracking practices to better serve your clients.


"Technology companies need an IT inventory asset tracking solution to ensure that they can meet their customers' needs."


Access Inventory Records When You Need to Know What Product You Have on Hand

It's difficult to properly fulfill customer orders when you don't know what you actually have on hand. You can't guarantee that you can give them what they want because you don't know if you have it in stock. Using asset tracking software is a great way for you to know the type, amount, and location of the IT products your clients come to you to purchase.

Stay Updated on Industry Regulations and Standards

Many companies trust their technology to hold confidential and sensitive data. Industry regulations and standards help protect that data and make sure commercial devices continue to work as advertised. If your business doesn't ensure that your inventory goods keep up with these standards, you risk losing business to other companies.

Receive Maintenance Notifications Through Your IT Inventory Asset Tracking Platform

Your technology is only as good as your maintenance. Without constant updates, programs that used to work just fine could develop issues. Hardware can also develop problems as it ages. You can easily set up notifications in your IT inventory asset tracking system to make sure you never miss a necessary update or don't forget to schedule your machines for maintenance.

Record All Information Related to Your Tech Inventory

Using a software-based inventory tracking system is a great way to track all related information. Manual tracking systems are limited in what they can track. Software-based systems have much more room to record information like model numbers, operating systems, dates of purchase, software licenses, expiration dates, recent updates/changes, expected life spans, and more.

Asset Panda is a great solution for tracking your IT inventory. We understand that you have many moving parts to keep track of every day. So, we created a solution that makes it easy for you to record everything related to each piece of your inventory. This means you can make recommendations to your customers based on what you have on hand and can fulfill their orders with ease. Our cloud-based platform makes it easy for your employees to make changes when they sell products, instead of having to wait until the end of the day. This means you know exactly what you have on hand at any given time.

As an example, Logicforce Consulting provides IT services to law firms and other businesses in Tennessee. They use Asset Panda to track the IT assets they rely on to serve their clients. Our platform makes it easy for them to update their platform in real time so they can see what technology is available for use in servicing their clients. Asset Panda's ease of use has saved them three to four hours of work time each week.

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