Asset Panda's Customer Service Gets an A+

FluxErgy, LLC (Healthcare System) gives Asset Panda customer service an A+.

FluxErgy researches, develops, and manufactures medical testing devices, so keeping track of every single asset is crucial for our work flow. I had looked at numerous asset tracking platforms, spoken with their representatives, and received quotes. My experience interacting with your sales department, specifically, Lyn, has been the most professional and pleasant one I have encountered. Representatives from other companies would immediately engage in “sales tactics” and be very aggressive in pushing their agenda of making a sale. I was, and generally am, very put off by such treatment. Lyn’s first questions were “how is your day going?” and “what do you think about our product?” which I personally found to be less abrasive and it gives the prospective buyer a feeling that the company is going to give you more of a personal experience. This reflects very positively on Asset Panda. Lyn was very patient with me, as I had a considerable amount of questions regarding Asset Panda and it's suite of products.

What led me to move forward to the next phase with Asset Panda (the Online Demo) was Lyn’s attitude and demeanor. In many cases, I can usually tell if the customer representative is not happy with their work, and are just giving me what I consider to be “lip service,” regurgitating a handbook sitting in front of them. This was not the case with Lyn. I found her attitude and how she carried her voice to be very pleasant, and she gave off the impression that she genuinely wanted to help potential customers in any way that she could.

It is because of my experience with Lyn that I give Asset Panda is a solid A+. She is doing a fantastic job, and I would encourage using her work ethic as an example for future employees.

– Jeff Chung, Financial Controller

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