Non-profit Healthcare Asset Tracking

A non-profit healthcare office assuaged their asset tracking inaccuracies with Asset Panda.

Before understanding the value Asset Panda would bring to our non-profit healthcare office, we weren’t as aware of the inaccuracies in tracking our assets. Our internal accounting team used a financial management software program and we also had an outside vendor using a standard excel spreadsheet – both were doing the exact same fixed asset tracking tasks, yet neither had correct or matching numbers and that was a problem that needed an immediate solution.

I’ve used various servers and windows-based scanners with previous employers to track fixed assets, and we constantly ran into server maintenance issues or problems with the scanners that delayed important reports that needed to be pulled or had inaccurate statistics while we were troubleshooting IT issues. In my current position with a non-profit healthcare provider, and with these tracking inaccuracies we found, we were seeking a simple, easy-to-use, fully-customizable fixed asset tracking program. Additionally, we needed one that also offered a phone application in lieu of expensive and sometimes inaccurate scanners. Asset Panda fit that need.

There are so many different features of the software that we find useful in day-to-day fixed asset tracking activities. It moves quickly. Is very responsive. Extremely easy to set up. And most of all, the incredible customization we can achieve versus many “legacy” systems out there is unmatched.

The fact that Asset Panda allows for unlimited users for one affordable monthly fee has provided tremendous cost savings to us as we keep a careful eye on the bottom line. Currently we have only 5 employees utilizing the fixed asset tracking software, but within the next year, we will bump that number up to 35, and the price will not increase just because we add more users.

With Asset Panda, I’ve been able to start thinking “outside the box” on some of the more unconventional assets to track such as software. I appreciate that Asset Panda can be configured to give alerts when it’s time to renew our software. Co-workers who don’t “speak tech” like me have been able to push past their nerves of utilizing a fixed asset cloud-based program, and have achieved those “I get it” moments when they realized how easy the program is and the value it’s bringing to our everyday duties.

Bottom line, Asset Panda is a quick to set up, easy to use, incredibly customizable and very affordable program that you can make do what you want when it comes to fixed asset tracking. Coupled with amazing and responsive customer support, thanks to Asset Panda, we are able to do our jobs better and more accurately, while ensuring all of our staff has what they need to perform to their greatest ability for the company.

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