Asset Tracking Has Never Been Easier When You Have the Right Partner

Asset Panda has an incredibly diverse list of users who can attest to the impact the platform has made on their business. For example, the evolution of their daily practices when it comes to asset tracking alone has saved them time, money and the worries of not losing their valuable properties.

The business of asset tracking is a massive market that still goes unnoticed. A large number of companies who need to track assets, simply don’t know how to achieve it. However, Asset Panda has provided an easy-to-use platform with customizable features, to create limitless options that can be catered to any business and their specific needs.

One of the most important roles that Asset Panda can play in a business or organization is to work the way they do. This means, giving everyone in the organization quick and on-demand access to everything they need to know by storing their assets' information in one, centralized location. In the past, users have drained themselves trying to keep tabs on all the parts and pieces that make their respective companies run. Thanks to Asset Panda, these same companies have been able to save an ample amount of time and money, which has proven to be two of the most important factors for a business.

At the end of the day, tracking assets is about data. This platform helps users get the equipment they need in order to work smarter, perform better operations and put them on the path to success. By simplifying this once tedious and complicated process, Asset Panda has inadvertently saved many hours of work and increased their productivity.

Below are some testimonials from our users – in their words. They come from different industries showcasing how Asset Panda is not a one-size-fits-all software program.

Asset Tracking for the Financial Industry

Fairwinds Credit Union

Fairwinds Credit Union is responsible for tracking all of the computer-related assets throughout their 30-plus locations in Central Florida. Before Asset Panda, they tracked their assets manually through email messages. Assets would be moved, and no one was informed due to the lack of communication. Asset Panda has changed the way they work, making them a more efficient and stronger team.

The mobile app allowed the IT division to easily update the locations and status of all equipment. Meanwhile, the accounting department used the desktop version of the platform to review changes, enhance asset details and pull custom reports. Additionally, they used the Device Data Agent to conduct audits of their installed software and Internet-connected,Window-based PCs. The program collects information from devices and automatically syncs data to the Asset Panda platform every day.

Asset Tracking for Maintenance Supply

The Budd Group

The Budd Group provides high-quality janitorial, maintenance, landscaping, production support and facility support solutions to clients. Previously, they were using a simple spreadsheet to manage thousands of assets. They found it difficult to track consistent data for their assets and keep their spreadsheet updated. As a result, they ended up losing the assets they couldn’t keep track of and had no maintenance records for the remaining ones.

Since switching to Asset Panda, every manager can immediately see where equipment is and where it belongs. Using the mobile app, users have the ability to create a service ticket for repairs or maintenance on the go. Since they've started tracking repair costs, they've saved so much money and made budgeting much easier, too.

Asset Tracking for Education

Creston, Iowa Community School District

In the education industry, budgets are tight, so there's little money to spare on replacing lost or misplaced equipment. Lost assets were starting to become a big issue for this school district. For starters, their method of tracking was by email, which wasn't very efficient. After attaching labels to assets, scanning the barcodes and compiling all of their data into one central location, they have real-time knowledge of what they have, where its located in the district and its condition.

Asset Panda has impacted the way they track repairs and monitor cost-effectiveness for tools and equipment. Within the platform, they're able to see how an asset is performing, if gets repaired often or if it's not meeting classroom standards. Asset Panda has also been proven to be very helpful for audits and budgeting for years to come.

Since Asset Panda has changed the way they track assets, the district is more organized and efficient across the board.

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