Asset Tracking for Public School District Technology Directors

Quakertown Community School District is a public K-12 school district in Pennsylvania. The organization has over 5,500 students, more than 9 different schools, and one online learning academy under its guidance. The district uses Asset Panda to keep track of the technology equipment across each of its campuses.

Asset Panda has helped us move away from hard-to-manage spreadsheets and databases to one easy-to-use-and-manage platform. The company’s software helped us get all of our spreadsheet inventory into its system, define reports, and also customize some fields for us to meet the district’s specific needs.

The ability to customize fields has been critical for us. We have a 1:1 program and adding custom fields to help us organize the school district’s computers by grade level, as well as manage repairs coming in and going out, has been a huge time saver compared to our old methods.

Customer service has been top notch. The Asset Panda team was very willing to assist in any way possible to get our implantation up and running. I was skeptical at first moving to company I haven’t honestly heard too much about, but they have been nothing but supportive and ready to assist.

Here at Quakertown, we use both the mobile and desktop/web versions of Asset Panda. Our technicians use the mobile app in the field to keep up-to-date on inventory going in/out of repair. We are also very pleased with the platform’s reporting abilities. We get emailed weekly reports for low inventory, assets waiting on repair, etc.

I would recommend Asset Panda to any business looking for an asset management solution. It’s highly customizable at one price point. Some other vendors may charge for changing fields, creating custom reports, etc.… all of this is included with Asset Panda.

– Joe Kuzo, Director of Technology

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