Asset Tracking for Worldwide Direct Sales Companies

USANA Health Sciences, Inc. is a direct selling company operating in 20 markets around the world that manufactures supplements, personal care, energy, and weight-management products.

USANA Health Sciences, Inc., is a direct selling company, whereby independent associates distribute and sell scientifically-based nutritional and personal-care products. Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, USANA Health Sciences operates in 20 markets around the world, including Australia.

To be honest, before we started using Asset Panda over 3 years ago here in the Australian office, tracking our assets was a mess. They weren’t really being tracked at all. Employees didn’t know what equipment we had or where it was, including important spare equipment parts.

We are now using Asset Panda to track our vital assets for purchase dates and to always be aware of where they are located. The software has helped us tremendously with budgeting and forecasting on what we need in the future and how what we currently use has performed.

With assets being moved to multiple locations, we can now see at a glance what needs to be replaced or repaired. Users find Asset Panda to be especially useful when reviewing assets on the fly while out at our various branches. There is no more guesswork on where assets are, who has them or their status. The software has been very user-friendly and was easy to customize to our own specific needs. And an extra bonus is that no training was needed. We were able to get started right away.

Asset Panda has definitely made a positive impact on the bottom line in that we know exactly what assets we have. With that awareness, we can now allocate assets in place of other pieces of equipment that are in for repair instead of constantly buying new equipment to replace them. And from a time management standpoint, I’m saving around an hour each day to devote to other more important tasks for my position than searching for lost or misplaced assets.

I most definitely would recommend Asset Panda to any company around the world who needs to track vital assets. It’s made a world of difference for tracking our equipment, controlling finances, and managing daily operations.

- Leanne Lee, Service Delivery Manager, USANA Australia

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